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This will probably get New Forums’d but I think it would be helpful to have a feature that allows you to save posts. sort of like how you can look back at posts/threads you’ve made on your profile but instead theres a button next to the quote/thanks buttons that saves the post to either somewhere on your profile or wherever is deemed more appropriate for you to be able to access at a later time. I’m sure most of us have had a moment where we’ve wanted to reference a previous post in a new thread but couldn’t find it/were too lazy to dig through a bunch of other threads and I think this would be a beneficial feature to have on forums for that reason.

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I've definitely experienced what you're mentioning, but I have a few good ways of not letting it get too out of hand. If I want to keep a post for the near future, I just keep the tab open or pin the tab. If I want to keep a thread for the long haul what I've done in the past is create a document or notepad and put the links there. I've never actually used what @Trazz mentioned but it seems like a good workaround and something I'll take a crack at.

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