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Write, sing, win! Music competition. (Win $$)

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Guest barackobama

So, I thought we'd have a little music competition, this competition will include you having to, write & sing a song.


The song MUST be 40 seconds long to be exact.


When you've posted the link to your song on the thread, you must post the lyrics with the song.


Failure to do the above, will result in your song being disqualified.


It has to be CS:S related. So anything to do with CS:S.


You can have backing music if you like, it's better if you get plain backing music, once you've written it, you need to reply to this thread with the lyrics, and the clip of you singing your created song.


Once the competition ends on 15/10/08, we (BD's & me) will pick 7 clips and post them up, and you then vote for your favourite! This will be a 3 day long vote.


The winner will receive $50 worth of steam games.


I would like to thank Zero001 for helping me think of this competition, he has now enjoyed a night in my bed :w00t:!


Have fun singing!

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