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KOS Catwalks

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So I read the rules about KOS Catwalks (lead directly to armory) But I'm not quite sure where is the line between directly or not. For exemple, on one of the VIP Remix map, there is a catwalk that would lead to armory but you can't quite go directly in armory since you come to a closed door. On another version of this map, the Catwalk lead straight to the one way glass then to armory (so that would be KOS for sure).


My question is: In the first situation, where you come face to face with a close door so not directly in armory, is the catwalk still KOS or is it not?

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the stairs and catwalk youre talking about on VIP are kos and I would say that every other map is the same regardless if the armory door is closed or not unless someone can list an example of one that’s different.

Dom I believe the rsc_marioworld4 Map is a bit different since it has a catwalk that doesn’t lead to armory it only leads to a random room at the bottom and the cell buttons. This is the only one I could think of. Kwejsi_sgedit4 has armory but it is just a staircase/flat land so there is no catwalk but if the door is open and your on the staircase then they can shoot you. If that answers your question maybe.

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The catwalk is to be KOS but only if the door is directly open I think, so I’d have someone in armory people on the catwalk guarding every area and people watching the staircase or whatever and the second they even hop on the stairs you can shoot them even the railing.


The door of the armory does not need to be open for an area to be KOS or not. On VIP, the catwalk in maincell and the roof of medic are all KOS.

On Kwejsi_sgedit4 the only KOS thing (AFAIK) is the roof of the armory and the vines. If a stair, ladder, or catwalk has a direct route to the armory door, regardless if it is closed or open, it is KOS.

On rsc_marioworld4 the catwalk in maincell is not KOS because it does not lead to the armory, but the room that leads to the bridge of armory is KOS.

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