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Rank Kanye West's Albums From Best to Worst

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For anyone that is a fan of Kanye West discography, what are some of the best or worst albums that you guys have listened to?

This is my opinion of the Best to Worst Kanye West Albums


1. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

2. Kids See Ghost (Collab Album w Kid Cudi)

3. The Life of Pablo

4. Graduation

5. 808s & Heartbreak

6. The College Dropout

7. Yeezus

8. Late Registration

9. Watch the Throne (Collab Album w Jay Z)

10. Jesus is King

11. Ye


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Only will give my top 5.


1. M.B.D.T.F

2. Life of Pablo

3. College Dropout (will need to listen to this one again if I still keep it at 3)

4. Graduation

5. 808s


I truly dislike Kids See Ghost and the last 2 you put as well... I'm not sure if Kayne was thinking with Jesus is King honestly.

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Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy


808s and Heartbreaks


College Dropout






Late Registration




Life of Pablo




Jesus is King

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