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jb_dystopian_b5 request

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I want more maps that are not just razer.

Also this is smoGG, same map creator of clouds and I think this is a very nice map that could add a larger variety.


Screenshots attached



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The only problem about this map is that it doesn’t fit the style of maps we have and if we are going to have more illuminated/vibrant maps added to JB then we should start slowly and work our way up. Although, this is a worthy suggestion and should definitely be brought back up in the future if we decide not to add it now. :)

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I've seen this map before on other JB servers, in my opinion it would be a great addition because not only is it a large map and includes a lot of deathgames. But it also adds more of a skill concept to the RP of JB, instead of there being hidden secrets in cells there is a few direct secrets areas and jumps to get into armoury so it gives the T's more a challenge so instead of a round ending in 15 seconds from a good player who can awp by using an in-cell secret it requires the T's to sneak off and think more out of the box on a way to rebel

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