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Appealing Bans Suggestion

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I asked in staff discord whether the "Additional Information" part of the Ban Appeal Section should be reworded and discussion followed up so I just want to hear other people's thoughts on this. A lot of people misinterpret the Additional Information and it's something that needs to change since the idea over "Why should I be unbanned" isn't in a lot of people's mind even before creating an appeal for some reason.


*Some thoughts on the issue*


@crazedkangaroo, Dom, Chad, and I - "I think Additional Information is fine given the context and an additional question of "Why should you be unbanned?" is the way to go"


@Takuto - "You can just put under additional information 1 or two more questions trying to help the person give more detail about the whole thing"


@Dom - "i think most people see “additional information” as what they got banned for rather than why they should be unbanned. I don't see a problem with adding an extra question"


Any other opinions?

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