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I've been wondering, is there any plans for expansion into other games? I like the community and the people here but I find it incredibly hard to be active in-game as CSGO gets very stale after playing so much. It would be nice to have an SG server on a game that I actually want to play. I know it's hard to build a playerbase in a new game but maybe if there was a poll done about different games then enough players would migrate to keep it active. Games I would suggest are Rust, DayZ, Ark, GTA, Minecraft, or any other games like that.

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We have a couple servers in mind and I am working on one right now alongside another member of the staff team. We're just waiting for the resources. I have always wanted to branch out into other games and I personally would love to see Steam-Gamers servers in various games in the same way you can see GFL servers in games like TF2, Insurgency, and CSGO.

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We have ideas, but they're all just ideas at the moment. We do want to expand and we have discussed it a few times with different games in mind. We're in the middle of switching our servers over to new dedis and then we can evaluate our resources and see what we can do.

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