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  1. cmohr

    Online names

    people already call me cmohr in real life it's kinda my nickname so it wouldnt be that weird
  2. After watching the stream from the latest event, Id have to agree that the spectating is a little bit too buggy to do any sort of reliable stream for a tournament. However once they fix it, I think a tournament would be a great idea.
  3. I feel as though right now innocents just aren't motivated to actually work together to find and kill T's. When the player count is high people just meme and don't actually try. I think there should be some added system to motivate innos to work together. For example, you could make it to where killing a T increases your chances of becoming a T, and killing an inno decreases your chances. This could also possibly reduce T baiting issues and RDM. Not sure how hard that would be to implement, but it's just an idea.
  4. Awesome event 10/10 would participate again
  5. I think depending on how this upcoming Valorant event goes, it would be cool to do a Valorant tournament if enough people were interested. It's obviously very popular and it would be good to branch out in to some other games.
  6. sign me up, I might suck at csgo but ill kick ass in Valorant
  7. seeing him laugh in that video is both bitter sweet and absolutely heartbreaking at the same time... he was a beautiful soul
  8. cmohr

    Biden vs Trump

    Given the events of the last few months... I find it hard to believe that Trump will win re-election. Support for Trump is pretty much the lowest it's ever been, and even though Biden is a subpar candidate to say the least, my guess is that a lot of people that didn't vote in the last election will be stepping up to the plate this time around. Im guessing 2020 will see the highest voter turnout since the 80s, and I think that will only favor Biden. Before the coronavirus, I thought Trump was going to walk away with the election, but things are a bit more complicated now. Honestly, it's anybody's game, we'll just have to see how things play out within the next few months.
  9. cmohr

    why do we exist?

    The big bounce theory is probably inaccurate because of dark energy. We don't know that much about dark energy, but it is believed that the expansion of the universe is actually accelerating rather than slowing down. So, either the universe will start accelerating so fast that atoms rip apart, or in a few trillion years all the stars will die and the universe will be forever dark. Happy stuff.
  10. fuck yeah I might actually participate in this event
  11. name is cmohr add me to that shit
  12. cmohr


    I was going to give him everything I traded him anyway. People ask me for cases all the time and I give them because I'm never going to open them lol. I'm not upset about it, I didn't lose any money, but other people he's scammed have. I'm just trying to expose him and get his account banned so he doesn't scam anyone out of serious money.
  13. cmohr


    Bump. The guy changed his account completely so i'm guessing he's preparing for another round of scamming.
  14. You can remember history without making 30ft statues of racists. Statues are meant to commemorate people. If you want to "remember your history" then read a book or something, a statue doesn't teach us anything, it only idolizes those people.