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Adding Stages to Bhop

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A few days ago when testing miscellaneous stuff for bhop, I noticed an update from the current plugin system that is used on the server. The update states that stage zones can be made via zoning commands and selected (and possibly be teleport to) via stage commands. Then I remembered a thread that ignored a while back by @PotatoAlienOf13. Their thread reads:

It would be immensely helpful for me to know whether or not i was ahead of my pb.


Back then, it wasn't possible to add splits around the map due to certain features not being added to the plugin. Now that these features have been made possible, the thread is now relevant again. If you ask why adding stages to maps is a good idea, take a look at surf. A lot of maps have split areas where you can keep track of how far ahead/behind you are from WR or PB. Adding these features to bhop would work as the same, helping people know if they can improve their times.


Last night, I made a spreadsheet with all the maps currently accessible through bhop's download list. With this, I tried identifying 392 maps to see if any of them needed stages implemented. I've added a legend that has some information about how things work.

The spreadsheet can be located here for viewing: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EngJTDKJzKsXjSXLeUcZMKgJewqju3yu1l38RJmlcHc/edit?usp=sharing

(I'm open to criticism on this; first spreadsheet I've ever made)


I'm hoping stages could be added to bhop in the near future as it would greatly help the server. If anyone asks how stages may be added, they will have to be manually added map by map.

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I hate you for publicly forcing me to do this now :censored:


But if anyone else have suggestions on maps to place stages I’ll be glad to do it. Will just take some time to do so.

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As much as I was for this back when I first stepped into management, the map pool is nearing 750 maps which will require a tremendous amount of work so I'll keep this in the back of my mind however for the mean time I will reject this. Thanks for the suggestion.

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