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Another Prop Hunt event for MG?

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Pretty much what the title says. It's been a while since we had a prop hunt event (last one i found was here: https://www.steam-gamers.net/forum/showthread.php?t=91478&highlight=prop+hunt).


While it's not a gamemode to have permanently like we did on the server a long time ago, it's still good to have events every now and then for this as it was always a fun time when we came back to it.


Here's a little brief thing of how Prop Hunt works that I'll explain for those that haven't played before:


-The Ts are props, and the CTs are hunters.

-Goal for the props is to hide from the hunters.

-Keep in mind that as a hunter if you shoot something that isn't one of the players as a prop you will take damage.


edit: forgot but cred of this goes to @Creten since we was on a brainstorm session earlier

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Giving this a permanent spot in MG is certainly a no go. An event for it every once in a while to bring the community together is nice. The gamemode is fun from time to time, but starts collecting dust quick like that toy you begged your mom for as a kid.


Looking forward to this.

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The last time we did this it went really well, from what I remember there were no complications with the plugin. The server maintained a really good population for the event. I’d love to see this happen again.

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