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CS:GO Throwback Scrim!

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Huge thanks to @thuxys for the amazing banner!


CS:GO Throwback Scrim!


Hello everyone! I'm here to bring you a throwback to CS:S but this time in CS:GO! We will be playing two of the listed CS:S maps during the event! Not only that but player models and more will look like the old CS:S models! The event will be hosted right on the SG CS:GO Scrim server so come and join! Also big thanks to @Dreamz for helping set up the event!

Maps, Player Models, and much more will be directly from CS:S!


The event will also be streamed over on twitch!

Casters: @Dreamz & @Benzene & @Asher





Server IP:

Password: 321sg







Wednesday, August 12th @ 6:00PM EDT




CS:S Dust II

CS:S Inferno

CS:S Nuke


While you are here you might as well join our steam group!



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