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NHL 2020 Playoff Predictions

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Aye boys so in an attempt to revive the sports thread who do ya guys think is gonna win Lord Stanley this year?


Personally I'm torn between the Blackhawks and the Bruins, Blackhawks are doin good so far and same with the Bruins which I think last years anger and rat mans tears will give them an extra drive to win this year.


I think I'm gonna side with the Bruins though.



Who do ya'll got for winning the Cup, and to make it interesting...


I will buy 1 month of Sub for a random person that leaves a post on this thread with the correct prediction.:pogslide:


Good luck, May the best man/woman win.


ps. The winner will receive their Sub rank for the month of October since the finals are set to begin Sept 22nd.

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I've always been a Caps fan, so I'm a bit pissed about them losing to the damn Flyers. Was kinda expected, but nonetheless, kinda blows.


I'd go with the Bruins. Their first line is overwhelmingly good and the rest of the team is pretty solid. For a secondary, I'll probably go with the Lightning. They're a pretty solid pick and super good on paper.

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Habs are going all the way this year. Price is finally getting his cup.


The Blackhawks are a completely different team in the playoffs so itll be interesting to see how far they go. Philly and Colorado also have solid teams with lots of potential. Sad we missed out on the Battle of Alberta cause that wouldve been by far the best series this year. also kinda sucks that there wont be a Battle of Pennsylvania or Sid/Ovi match up but my boys went thru so its aight. Hopefully we get a Habs-Leafs or Habs-Bruins series either 2nd round or ECF

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Flyers easy choice


You, sir, are one of the most educated users on our forums. Good job.


Flyers are about to steamroll everyone. We own the #1 seed. Ez money.


I went to the game where Marchand missed the puck in the shootout. Easily the greatest Flyers game I saw live.

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