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Favorite Steam Screenshots...

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Hi! Been awhile. Maybe that was for the better? Welp, doesn't mean much to me so FUCKA YOU! 

Anyways, to get on topic; what are some of your favorite screenshots you've taken in game? Here are some of mines! 
(In a Deadside home I made with @blink, he's the guy next to the tree.)

(Phasmophobia with @blink, saw this in the camera, had to take a SS)

( @Mxyu you already know what this is, never gonna forget this.)

(Good ole TTT days. Before @Trail Mix died.)

(The scariest Phasmophobia game we've ever had. We also 100% completed Asylum, finding every clue and all missions done!)
@blink @Never_Mind @Phoenix Rising was the crew! 
(Phoenix you got scared :] )

Anyways, what are your favorite screenshots you've taken? Let's see em!

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