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  4. he only started a month ago too!! che sucks!!!!
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    lol 69 ahahha

  8. what a hard challenge hey guys try playing jb for 3 minutes without going insane
  9. mhm. talk to me when you are above 10k points bozo
  10. i love you

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      Wrong profile I think you meant to post this on Ches

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  11. good event but one slight issue... I don't think this event is going to go well considering the position of Che's (AKA Ayte_, Hagrids_Donut, che091, Wreckhouse, Squaka, TBH_Phrosin, retard, etc.) the Event Coordinators past Minigames events or even just his past events in general. This used to be a map genre on Minigames and nobody really played it all that often. Many times these maps were in the map vote pool, they were ignored, shrugged off. People would rather play a fun event, not made by Che, who seems to regularily bring down the server population on Minigames just by joining, as he seems to try too hard for no reason at all. These maps have nothing wrong with them of course, but also do not seem to bring attention to the server at all. Rather more often than not they actually seem to have removed population from the server as these maps are not considered fun, compared to the different genres and maps alone. I would like to see how this plays out of course, seeing that MG needs as much attention as it can get. MG is a fun server, more fun than Jailbreak I would say, and it definetly does deserve an event from time to time. But seeing as this is a Che event and the past Che events have failed in the past, I do not see this to be a very fun event like the past Che events. I do not think this event will go too well in his favour, but only time will tell. I am hoping to see 15+ people there, as regular events can reach up to 20-25+ players on TTT or Jailbreak, although this is a Che event, so I cant expect too many players, maybe 1-2 if you count Che otherwise cool event!!!
  12. throwing knives that have a default knife model with like 3 shots a knife that gives health when you get a kill with it (not one hit) MOVE TASER TO 4
  13. fru!ty

    MG NoSpread!

    Wow! This was the most pop MG has ever had, nice event!