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I don't think it's gonna happen, like the whole reason Valve didn't make this an option for player models because it detracts from the value of the cosmetics if most, if not all people have them disabled.


I think the really weird ones like Pink Panther, Droid, and Minecraft Head should be allowed to be disabled because they actually conflict with gameplay, but I don't think they wanna do that.

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100% Agree. If you don't know where a persons head is cause the player model is fucky and small or to big this can really be a pain. This would be a good feature to add to the SG community cause... well for what I just said many people have complained about this in the past and I still think its a problem I don't see any reason this feature would get denied other than the reason that people wanna flex their shitty models no offense btw but it does get annoying.

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Sorry for the late response,


It's not in the capabilities of the plugin at the moment to disable player models, but I see where the initial frustration comes from. The BattleDroid model will be removed from the server in less than a week, and likely will not return due to it's small hitbox. Sorry for the inconvenience. 


As for disabling cosmetics, if they're from the SG !store it is possible to disbale them. Just type !store go to Settings and you can see all the toggleable options:






@Kyle I know you know this, just putting it here for anyone else who reads this. Anyways, hope I answered any concerns. 


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