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  1. Before I answer you, what do you think Spyware is?
  2. On certain websites you can just buy prime accounts that aren't banned for very cheap, this is not a solution. Not sure if CSGO community servers can do this, but would it be possible to install a file on our PC's that would keep track of our HWID(Hardware ID) like our PC components and serial numbers?
  3. Imagine making a more useful suggestion in a shit post >.>
  4. If banning the word was for the reason that it was offensive to gay people then why joke about people being gay(“gaypeen”)
  5. your kinda missing the point of what I said
  6. cant you say that word in a non offensive way anyways like old*** or new***
  7. honestly the fatest man i know to date 100% the go to guy for anything

  8. Aster

    Player Models

    100% Agree. If you don't know where a persons head is cause the player model is fucky and small or to big this can really be a pain. This would be a good feature to add to the SG community cause... well for what I just said many people have complained about this in the past and I still think its a problem I don't see any reason this feature would get denied other than the reason that people wanna flex their shitty models no offense btw but it does get annoying.
  9. Aster

    CT Healthboost

    Nice joke Thank god its gone
  10. Aster

    Points Reset

    I don't play retakes but I wouldn't think this would be the best idea in my opinion, it would get some people upset and you don't really need to reset the points in the first place.
  11. Totally agree here. By the way I don't really see an issue here either making this thread was pretty useless since your just complaining and/or annoyed. I get the point though, but really? Removing the P90 just because of this isn't an issue, people do this all the time to the point where I really don't care anymore and besides you weren't following orders so It is your fault, nothing you can do. Also there are other guns that can do more then 90 damage in 1 hit as scrolls mentioned before.
  12. This would be a great idea especially because some people don’t have mics on JB this would make it more easy for CT’s to give orders too.
  13. I see in the near future everybody screaming and me not being there