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  2. I'll put money on @Daeto carry harder
  3. If possible can we get an option to toggle on/off player models and cosmetics. Kinda hard to kill someone when they use skins as wide as a pencil with the minecraft head.
  4. Thanks
  5. liar, ghost aren't alive.

  6. Imagine thinking ttt has a chance
  7. Will you be removing all the guns from armory on every map, or maybe limiting the number that spawn in armory? Cause i don't see a reason to buy any guns from the menu if you can pick them up on most maps for free. Only use i can see it having is if you want to swap guns while fighting the t's but even then, i don't see it making a huge difference.
  8. small cock small cock!!!

  9. Whenever a Traitor gets a kill or buys an item you can see their money actively change on the scoreboard. pls fix :] @Greggy G @Trazz
  10. @Bacon @Infinityward thoughts?