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  1. Imagine thinking ttt has a chance
  2. Kyle

    CT Buy Menu!

    Will you be removing all the guns from armory on every map, or maybe limiting the number that spawn in armory? Cause i don't see a reason to buy any guns from the menu if you can pick them up on most maps for free. Only use i can see it having is if you want to swap guns while fighting the t's but even then, i don't see it making a huge difference.
  3. Sully

    small cock small cock!!!

  4. @Trazz thank you father
  5. Whenever a Traitor gets a kill or buys an item you can see their money actively change on the scoreboard. pls fix :] @Greggy G @Trazz
  6. Kyle

    Lr points for ct

    @Bacon @Infinityward thoughts?
  7. Kyle

    Lr points for ct

    Cts should get a point towards the /top leaderboard for winning an lr. It'd give them a way to earn points on ct side without causing any unnecessary freekilling and give them more of an incentive to lr the remaining ts instead of just gunning them down after the t wins an lr.
  8. Imagine he just complied with what the cops asked him to do instead of attacking them and stealing the taser Not to mention this all could've been avoided had he not been drinking and driving :hahaxd:
  9. Kyle

    Ranked team?

    Challenger mid at your service
  10. :hahaxd::hahaxd::hahaxd::hahaxd: OH I GET IT, HIS NAME IS FANTASTIC :hahaxd::hahaxd::hahaxd::hahaxd:
  11. Kyle


    i support this
  12. Kyle

    /profile is broken

    /profile is broken :]