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    LR Plugin

    I like this here! It forces ct's to play if they dont want to and the players have a choice of many lr's that can get any better than this
  2. ≖ ͜ʖ͠≖༽ - eyy pusiboi

  3. the ct viewmodel is glitched for me it says ERROR [ATTACH=CONFIG]15639[/ATTACH]
  4. am i really that retarted?

  5. kys pls jk i wolf u :d get it Wolf Wolf


  6. u a haxer xD jk <3 eleleleleleleleel

  7. Everytime I Play The Scrim Server I Get High Ping Idk Why My Ping Always Gets High When The Match Is About To Start When Im Playing Other Servers My Ping Is Perfectly Fine But Idk Is It Just Me Or The Server??
  8. @Bread Player Rank // to show off the players surfing skill !prank // to see how much xp you need to get to the next rank !rtv // to change the map !nominate // to vote a map to play pls
  9. alta

    Will It Come Back?

    @Bread thx m8 i cant wait
  10. I Hope That You Respond To This Post Saying Yes