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  1. Hey Rain, its been a while.

  2. ewww its kang 

  3. sup kid

    1. A Decently Paid Janitor

      A Decently Paid Janitor

      How's everything? 

    2. Brando


      Im good bro, well kind of just got into a motorcycle accident like 3 weeks ago. Broke alot of shit and got surgery. Other than that im fine.

  4. Jmc

    I didnt realize .... o7

  5. Not going to lie when I was on the server with you a while back there was something that happened with a player and a power up he used it at the wrong time and you kept bitching at me saying I was a shit worthless admin cause I didn’t take the power up away from him. So in all honestly with that attitude I will never listen to you. So how about you stop complaining all the damn time and just call us through admin chat instead of spamming your mic. Cause red letters are easier to see instead of everyone talking at the same time. Or listen to what @Tyymunk said and make a player complaint.
  6. Hey @Rizsmo so I was that admin that was present there. Thanks for making a complaint like I told you to, it’s hard to deal with the whole server on your own especially when everyone is calling you to check on a specific person. Anyways what infinity stated above, you have to post it in our player complaint page. I saw your video and tbh I wouldn’t have banned him just cause of that one rdm. So in the future try to provide more evidence for a player to be punished. Thanks and have a good night. Locking this thread.
  7. Gets admins and leaves and I’m the one that smells bad

  8. Happy birthday Brandon