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  1. Keep workin out if u stop or quit ima hold it against u for the rest of ur depressin life. U got a lot of catchin up to do

  2. Stop being like the rest Of the other fags here and be depressed. Im gonna slap that shit outta u

  3. You better start listening bruh. You goin down a dark path and ima whip your ass if you keep it up

  4. im not depressed moron. i am enlightened.

  5. If u started talkin back to that ho, ima bury you in the desert that u always show

  6. I see depression has got the best of you

  7. Lmaooooo bro relax, you focus on learning how to handle your ex lmao. Learn from the best bruh, cut ties real fast

  8. keep eating your greasy ground beef and TOAST. WHO EATS GROUND BEEF WITH TOAST???

  9. I'm not sure, I don't use steam as much

  10. do i have u on steam apshai

  11. When u c this kys mayonaise

  12. Ay mayonaise slit when u c this