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  1. Honorable game my nuts

    1. BloodBlades


      TTT server manager my nuts 

  2. rest in peace bloodblades ill try my best to attend
  3. 9/20/21 Strikes are back! You can now submit a strike request here With strikes back I have decides to revamp the rules regarding bannable/strike-able offenses to be more open to substitutes. Changed to "If you have to leave the server, as long as there is a sub waiting to take your spot in the match you may leave. If you consistently leave scrim matches (including with a sub waiting) you will be given a strike." Slightly Changed to "A player’s acceptance of being on a team represents said players commitment to the game and they are hence warned about rage-quitting. RQ’ing a live match will result in a strike regardless of the situation and regardless of whether there's a sub to take their place or not." Changed to Unacceptable Reasons for Leaving a Live Scrim: Any form of RQing (Disliked teammates, the map, or performed poorly) You don’t like the map that is being played Any previously scheduled events that you are aware of (any sort of sports practice or lesson) When you type .ready, you are agreeing to play the up to 90 minute match, meaning if you don’t have to leave, you shouldn’t. Again, if you find a player is breaking rules, you can make a strike request here for more info on the rules you can read through this thread and for the current strike policy you can go here Have a good day everyone
  4. Let’s goooooo can’t wait
  5. dolo

    where's my rust admin app support?

  6. lol!! this might be interesting to add if its possible to have it implemented into the plugin
  7. cannot wait for bloodblades mg event number 186,389, will definitely be there
  8. Event over thanks to everyone who came
  9. events in a couple hours
  10. epic bloodblades event yall should be there
  11. oSen

    Retakes Changelog

    8/20/2021 Changed points per base kill from 2 to 3 making it easier for those who don't get multikills to gain points rather than lose ------------------- Whats Being Looked Into Adding Ancient Increasing rank gap Maybe !rs