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    Retakes Changelog

    1/14/2022 the plugin is back - sg-weaponallocator.smx is taking its spot back on the server and will replace MyWeaponAllocator.smx, weapons not saving is fixed and this plugin has a lot more customization when it comes to loadouts stay tuned for what's to come shoutout @20 scrolls he is my favorite JTA
  2. bring back fall guys
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      We arent told why we are in jail, shot in the head for jumping, and dont have the right to bare arms. Fix jailbreak 

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  4. People shouldn't be leaving matches regardless, if you don't have 90 minutes free then don't ready up for a scrim match. If we are considering adding short matches it shouldn't be to cater to people who don't have time but rather because people will find it enjoyable.
  5. I personally don't consider short matches to be "competitive" as they feel like a more casual game even though it is technically a competitive game mode. I also rarely ever see anyone queueing them as most people just play long matches which in my opinion are more fun and resemble "real csgo." if anyone has any opinions on this feel free to put them on this thread but as of now I doubt anybody would want short matches added to the server, and I don't even know if it's possible.
  6. black air force 1s


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    Scrim Demos

    just wanna bump this since I did a 5 GB dump of straight demo files - keep in mind some of the demos that were posted are half games cause it automatically saves when a game is ended (even if it is force-ended). I will upload the rest tomorrow as I only got to ~12/19 which is great, thanks to everyone for playing so many games!
  8. Recently players leaving matches has become more and more prevalent and with the lack of strike requests, a good amount of them go unpunished. I want to start this thread by restating the rules for leaving and making sure those of you who are consistently leaving understand what you can and cannot do. You cannot leave a match without a valid reason or without saying anything, a lot of valid reasons are pretty obvious but I'll list what's obviously invalid - you cannot leave a game out of rage or because you don't want to play the game, you can't leave because you dislike your team or the map, and you cannot leave just because another player told you to. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO PLAY A WHOLE MATCH BEFORE IT STARTS IF you have a valid reason to leave a scrim, you need to find a sub to replace your place before you leave Now onto strikes, as I said previously there is a lack of strike requests, I have people come to me who quite frankly don't know how to make a strike request so I'll make sure everyone knows 1. Go to this link https://steam-gamers.net/forums/forum/436-scrim-strikes/ and make a new application 2. Fill out the application (if you don't have evidence that's fine thanks to automatic demo saves) 3. Wait for a response and if your request is valid the player will be striked and their name will be listed here If you have any questions regarding any of the above you can ask on this thread.
  9. Gotta start playing again this shits literally 5x more than the last one