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  1. T bait is fine to do, as Kuri said you can ask someone to stop but it's not against the rules as an innocent as long as you don't end up hitting another innocent and don't t bait the detective. as YOU SAID yourself its not defined as traitor baitingIt says nothing about shooting around innocents in that definition and therefore it is not against the rules. I don't see the big deal about it it's lighthearted and just messing around. as long as you don't hit anyone youre in the clear. The most common form of T baiting as I already said is shooting around innos which isn't against the rule and its been that way for a good amount of time. If it was that bad the rule would have changed by now. Admins and players alike have played under these same rules and been fine with them. I doubt this rule will be changed anytime soon as it is just messing around.
  2. I haven't really cared for the shop much and the few items I bought were the ones I liked, I feel people buy what they like and thats it... I have A LOT of credits just chilling as I've been vip for 2 ish years? I wouldn't really care for this to be added and I feel its just a way for people who don't want to get credits through playtime to get stuff for half of the effort. I agree with Kuri, it would be too much work for something that's not so worth it.
  3. Oooh 12 day old food in the trashcannnnnnn time for dinner!
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    It’s a Saturday

    Fridays are better my mind cannot be changed. Saturdays are for the boys tho as @Mace said.
  5. bruh... Where do you think me saying "Im a retakes player" comes from lmao
  6. I think as a collective a lot of us can agree these bodies are a HUGE struggle when playing the game, they can block doorways, be moved, and you can even get stuck in them. I feel like we need to either change off of microwaves and if that's possible they might need to go. They effect the gameplay in a negative way, anyone else agree?
  7. He speaks the truth, I'm in the same pool
  8. Build your own 65% keyboard <3 We Bare Bears is an Anime
  9. Weekly English class blog... Id tune in
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  11. tbh black all the way I always drink coffee when I get up and I'm one of those people that would rather have it black then take time to put things in it. It's not that I don't like things in it just black is my preference
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    The first one, i agree. It was rdm and blessed didnt mind. The second one was andrew walking into it, and i understand why u slayed me now.
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    So recently I have played a lot of TTT and have enjoyed it a lot. But sometimes not so much, such as when you're T buddy walks into your crossfire and you are slayed by montag or kicks, it honestly gets kind of annoying and i believe there should be a rule so players don't get slayed for another players cause.
  14. @Creten, The Golden knife is kind of easy to avoid people being able to see it as you said. I understand this and i believe this states what the first post stated, it's kind of like you have a knife you get some easy one knifes, if you dont its a lot harder.