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  1. Last day to get your times in
  2. even thought i dont play much jb anymore 6 hours seems a bit high maybe 1 or 2.
  3. god didnt realize noone had good connection lol event has been cancelled because noone can load the maps
  4. rip I would try deleting the map in your files then try to load into the server when the maps are on. Also some of the maps are decently big so you might just need a wait a bit for it to download.
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    MG TF2

  6. BloodBlades

    MG TF2 Event

    Thanks @Damonfor the great banner! MG TF2 Hello im happy to announce a tf2 and csgo crossover event! We will be playing multiple tf2 maps with custom models. The ts will be spy and the cts will be engineers. Maps mg_arena_granary pl_barnblitz_v1_2 pl_badwater_v1 plr_pipeline When? Novemeber 25 @ 5 PM EST Models Blue engineer Red spy Join the SG discord.
  7. What is your favorite gamemode on Minigames? Multigames Do you find the MG server environment to be toxic? No What is your least favorite type of maps? Long courses that have annoying traps that noone can beat. Do you think MG is lacking some very needed plugins or functions? redie Are you a MG regular? yes Other/Additional -
  8. Player's name: invalid Map: bhop_overline Style: normal and scroll Any Additional Information: silent strafe