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  1. Date & Approximate Time of the Bug, Error, or Crash: 6:30 pm- 6:40 pm Map that was being played: mg_damons_course_v1 Number of people in the server: 4 Any errors or unusual messages displayed in console or in game chat: no Additional Information: Scroll became auto like u can go on scroll style and hold space for auto bhop.
  2. BloodBlades

    hns event

    Was told I need to suggest it here so can we get an hns event . Also, maybe a scout knives event again.
  3. Damons course beta hdr is also messed up as you cant see the lasers while you can see the lasers fine with the non hdr version. Example:
  4. BloodBlades

    New styles

    Course is being played less then it was a few months ago so I dont think adding new styles or new course maps would make course more dominant. But, I dont think we need too many styles so maybe just add slow motion as rocket jump feels like low grav but I might be wrong.
  5. BloodBlades


    Maybe we can get a flashlight (kinda like the one on jb) cause on some maps are rly dark. An example is mg_saw_rfix_csgo_hdr. One of the traps is completely dark making it impossible to do the trap unless you memorize where the platforms are. For reference im talking about the trap before the elevator.
  6. kinda late to this thread but most people dont play ct because everyone rebels. A ct incentive wouldnt make more people want to play ct. But thats just how i view it. Also the only real incentive would be a contest of some sort but that will only temporarily fix the issue.
  7. mine is scout cause its fast as fuck
  8. Kinda dumb how a awp multigames map has autohop. The autohop makes the map an autohop knife fight when its suppose to be an awp map.
  9. another map awp_garden_go also seems pretty good but it needs fall damage to be turned off.
  10. So, I have been playing autohop nospread servers a lot lately and it its pretty fun. I think it would be rly good on mg. I know it might not fit in but a lot of people on the server agreed it would be pretty fun. Maybe multiple maps can be turned into a multigames map. Some good maps for this gamemode: awp_minecraft_desert_v5, awp_blocks_go, awp_lego_9_go, awp_japan_go, awp_lego_remix_final_go.
  11. You know roddy gonna grind mg to get to pick an anime model just to piss u off.
  12. Full map name: mg_multigames_devine_is_french Type of map: Minigames Link to the map: What needs fixing? In the nades game you cant pick up the nades.
  13. Full map name: mg_potatogames_03 Type of map: Minigames Link to the map: What needs fixing? dogeball minigame dosent work. minigame is u throw decoys at each other and ur at 1 hp so the decoy when it hits u should kill u but it dosent. the decoys just go through u.
  14. It ruins awp minigame. The other minigames it dosent effect too much other then people find each other faster but awp minigame just becomes an autohop knife fight.
  15. We recently had an event in which we played a few battle royale maps. Maybe we can nominate these types of maps when a certain amount of players are on (10 or up).