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  1. dudes been gone for over a year and still has admin lol 

  2. Bro got Rhode island opps
  3. Ability to challenge people to 1v1s. Reward could be a certain amount of points. I've seen it on other 1v1 servers but I'm not sure on what the plugin is called.
  4. I've been gaining interest in csgo again almost entirely off 1v1 servers. I think its a good idea if theres people willing to seed and get people on.
  5. so your going to open a case for a 19% chance of getting a skin worth the same as the case itself.
  6. boobblades (boob)

  7. Please come back oh my god i miss you so much my life feels so empty the longer and longer you are not here at SG please just come back for one day babe...

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    we do have course for single players on the server. But as for multigames maps having a bot is pretty much impossible considering some maps have 20+ different games and I dont think anyone wants to make a functional nav file for that. Adding them to Dm wouldnt be so bad though
  9. Full map name: mg_minecraft_clouds Add/Remove Add What server is this suggestion for? mg Link to map download: Additional information: It's a course map. It's pretty good I would just increase the respawn time from the default 30 to around 40. Screenshots attached:
  10. On March 15, 1783 the officers under George Washington's command met to discuss a petition that called for them to mutiny due to Congress' failure to provide them back pay and pensions for their service during the American Revolution. George Washington addressed the officers with a nine-page speech that sympathized with their demands but denounced their methods by which they proposed to achieve them.

    Head Quarters Newburgh 15th of March 1783.


    By an anonymous summons, an attempt has been made to convene you together—how inconsistent with the rules of propriety! how unmilitary! and how subversive of all order and discipline—let the good sense of the Army decide.

    In the moment of this summons, another anonymous production was sent into circulation; addressed more to the feelings & passions, than to the reason & judgment of the Army. The Author of the piece, is entitled to much credit for the goodness of his Pen: and I could wish he had as much credit for the rectitude of his Heart—for, as Men see thro’ different Optics, and are induced by the reflecting faculties of the Mind, to use different means to attain the same end; the Author of the Address, should have had more charity, than to mark for Suspicion, the Man who should recommend Moderation and longer forbearance—or, in other words, who should not think as he thinks, and act as he advises. But he had another plan in view, in which candor and liberality of Sentiment, regard to justice, and love of Country, have no part; and he was right, to insinuate the darkest suspicion, to effect the blackest designs.

    That the Address is drawn with great art, and is designed to answer the most insidious purposes. That it is calculated to impress the Mind, with an idea of premeditated injustice in the Sovereign power of the United States, and rouse all those resentments which must unavoidably flow from such a belief. That the secret Mover of this Scheme (whoever he may be) intended to take advantage of the passions, while they were warmed by the recollection of past distresses, without giving time for cool, deliberative thinking, & that composure of Mind which is so necessary to give dignity & stability to measures, is rendered too obvious, by the mode of conducting the business, to need other proof than a reference to the proceeding.

    Thus much, Gentlemen, I have thought it incumbent on me to observe to you, to shew upon what principles I opposed the irregular and hasty meeting which was proposed to have been held on Tuesday last: and not because I wanted a disposition to give you every opportunity, consistent with your own honor, and the dignity of the Army, to make known your grievances. If my conduct heretofore, has not evinced to you, that I have been a faithful friend to the Army; my declaration of it at this time wd be equally unavailing & improper—But as I was among the first who embarked in the cause of our common Country—As I have never left your side one moment, but when called from you, on public duty—As I have been the constant companion & witness of your Distresses, and not among the last to feel, & acknowledge your Merits—As I have ever considered my own Military reputation as inseperably connected with that of the Army—As my Heart has ever expanded wth joy, when I have heard its praises—and my indignation has arisen, when the Mouth of detraction has been opened against it—it can scarcely be supposed, at this late stage of the War, that I am indifferent to its interests.

    But—how are they to be promoted? The way is plain, says the anonymous Addresser—If War continues, remove into the unsettled Country—there establish yourselves, and leave an ungrateful Country to defend itself—But who are they to defend? Our Wives, our Children, our Farms and other property which we leave behind us. or—in this state of hostile seperation, are we to take the two first (the latter cannot be removed) to perish in a Wilderness, with hunger cold & nakedness? If Peace takes place, never sheath your Sword says he untill you have obtained full and ample Justice—this dreadful alternative, of either deserting our Country in the extremest hour of her distress, or turning our Army against it, (which is the apparent object, unless Congress can be compelled into an instant compliance) has something so shocking in it, that humanity revolts at the idea. My God! What can this Writer have in view, by recommending such measures? Can he be a friend to the Army? Can he be a friend to this Country? Rather, is he not an insidious Foe? Some Emissary, perhaps, from New York, plotting the ruin of both, by sowing the seeds of discord & seperation between the Civil & Military powers of the Continent? And what a Compliment does he pay to our understandings, when he recommends measures in either alternative, impracticable in their nature?

    But here, Gentlemen, I will drop the curtain; because it wd be as imprudent in me to assign my reasons for this opinion, as it would be insulting to your conception, to suppose you stood in need of them. A moments reflection will convince every dispassionate Mind of the physical impossibility of carrying either proposal into execution.

    There might, Gentlemen, be an impropriety in my taking notice, in this Address to you, of an anonymous production—but the manner in which that performance has been introduced to the Army—the effect it was intended to have, together with some other circumstances, will amply justify my observations on the tendency of that Writing. With respect to the advice given by the Author—to suspect the Man, who shall recommend moderate measures and longer forbearance—I spurn it—as every Man, who regards that liberty, & reveres that Justice for which we contend, undoubtedly must—for if Men are to be precluded from offering their sentiments on a matter, which may involve the most serious and alarming consequences, that can invite the consideration of Mankind; reason is of no use to us—the freedom of Speech may be taken away—and, dumb & silent we may be led, like sheep, to the Slaughter.

    I cannot, in justice to my own belief, & what I have great reason to conceive is the intention of Congress, conclude this Address, without giving it as my decided opinion; that that Honble Body, entertain exalted sentiments of the Services of the Army; and, from a full conviction of its Merits & sufferings, will do it compleat Justice: That their endeavors, to discover & establish funds for this purpose, have been unwearied, and will not cease, till they have succeeded, I have not a doubt. But, like all other large Bodies, where there is a variety of different Interests to reconcile, their deliberations are slow. Why then should we distrust them? and, in consequence of that distrust, adopt measures, which may cast a shade over that glory which, has been so justly acquired; and tarnish the reputation of an Army which is celebrated thro’ all Europe, for its fortitude and Patriotism? and for what is this done? to bring the object we seek for nearer? No! most certainly, in my opinion, it will cast it at a greater distance.

    For myself (and I take no merit in giving the assurance, being induced to it from principles of gratitude, veracity & justice)—a grateful sence of the confidence you have ever placed in me—a recollection of the Chearful assistance, & prompt obedience I have experienced from you, under every vicisitude of Fortune, and the sincere affection I feel for an Army, I have so long had the honor to Command, will oblige me to declare, in this public & solemn manner, that, in the attainment of compleat justice for all your toils & dangers, and in the gratification of every wish, so far as may be done consistently with the great duty I owe my Country, and those powers we are bound to respect, you may freely command my services to the utmost of my abilities.

    While I give you these assurances, and pledge my self in the most unequivocal manner, to exert whatever ability I am possesed of, in your favor—let me entreat you, Gentlemen, on your part, not to take any measures, which, viewed in the calm light of reason, will lessen the dignity, & sully the glory you have hitherto maintained—let me request you to rely on the plighted faith of your Country, and place a full confidence in the purity of the intentions of Congress; that, previous to your dissolution as an Army they will cause all your Accts to be fairly liquidated, as directed in their resolutions, which were published to you two days ago—and that they will adopt the most effectual measures in their power, to render ample justice to you, for your faithful and meritorious Services. And let me conjure you, in the name of our common Country--as you value your own sacred honor—as you respect the rights of humanity, & as you regard the Military & national character of America, to express your utmost horror & detestation of the Man who wishes, under any specious pretences, to overturn the liberties of our Country, & who wickedly attempts to open the flood Gates of Civil discord, & deluge our rising Empire in Blood.

    By thus determining--& thus acting, you will pursue the plain & direct Road to the attainment of your wishes. You will defeat the insidious designs of our Enemies, who are compelled to resort from open force to secret Artifice. You will give one more distinguished proof of unexampled patriotism & patient virtue, rising superior to the pressure of the most complicated sufferings; And you will, by the dignity of your Conduct, afford occasion for Posterity to say, when speaking of the glorious example you have exhibited to man kind, "had this day been wanting, the World had never seen the last stage of perfection to which human nature is capable of attaining."

    Go: Washington

    To the General, Field, & other Officers Assembled at the New Building pursuant to the General Order of the 11th Instant March.

    1. BloodBlades


                                       An Act
       To authorize funds for Federal-aid highways, highway safety programs, 
           and transit programs, and for other purposes. <> 
          Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
      United States of America in Congress assembled, <> 
          (a) <>  Short Title.--This Act may be cited 
      as the ``Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act''.
          (b) Table of Contents.--The table of contents for this Act is as 
      Sec. 1. Short title; table of contents.
      Sec. 2. References.
      Sec. 10001. Short title.
      Sec. 10002. Definitions.
      Sec. 10003. Effective date.
                            TITLE I--FEDERAL-AID HIGHWAYS
                       Subtitle A--Authorizations and Programs
      Sec. 11101. Authorization of appropriations.
      Sec. 11102. Obligation ceiling.
      Sec. 11103. Definitions.
      Sec. 11104. Apportionment.
      Sec. 11105. National highway performance program.
      Sec. 11106. Emergency relief.
      Sec. 11107. Federal share payable.
      Sec. 11108. Railway-highway grade crossings.
      Sec. 11109. Surface transportation block grant program.
      Sec. 11110. Nationally significant freight and highway projects.
      Sec. 11111. Highway safety improvement program.
      Sec. 11112. Federal lands transportation program.
      Sec. 11113. Federal lands access program.
      Sec. 11114. National highway freight program.
      Sec. 11115. Congestion mitigation and air quality improvement program.
      Sec. 11116. Alaska Highway.
      Sec. 11117. Toll roads, bridges, tunnels, and ferries.
      Sec. 11118. Bridge investment program.
      Sec. 11119. Safe routes to school.
      Sec. 11120. Highway use tax evasion projects.
      Sec. 11121. Construction of ferry boats and ferry terminal facilities.
      Sec. 11122. Vulnerable road user research.
      Sec. 11123. Wildlife crossing safety.
      Sec. 11124. Consolidation of programs.
      Sec. 11125. GAO report.
      Sec. 11126. Territorial and Puerto Rico highway program.
      Sec. 11127. Nationally significant Federal lands and Tribal projects 
      Sec. 11128. Tribal high priority projects program.
      Sec. 11129. Standards.
      Sec. 11130. Public transportation.
      [[Page 135 STAT. 430]]
      Sec. 11131. Reservation of certain funds.
      Sec. 11132. Rural surface transportation grant program.
      Sec. 11133. Bicycle transportation and pedestrian walkways.
      Sec. 11134. Recreational trails program.
      Sec. 11135. Updates to Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.
                   Subtitle B--Planning and Performance Management
      Sec. 11201. Transportation planning.
      Sec. 11202. Fiscal constraint on long-range transportation plans.
      Sec. 11203. State human capital plans.
      Sec. 11204. Prioritization process pilot program.
      Sec. 11205. Travel demand data and modeling.
      Sec. 11206. Increasing safe and accessible transportation options.
                Subtitle C--Project Delivery and Process Improvement
      Sec. 11301. Codification of One Federal Decision.
      Sec. 11302. Work zone process reviews.
      Sec. 11303. Transportation management plans.
      Sec. 11304. Intelligent transportation systems.
      Sec. 11305. Alternative contracting methods.
      Sec. 11306. Flexibility for projects.
      Sec. 11307. Improved Federal-State stewardship and oversight agreements.
      Sec. 11308. Geomatic data.
      Sec. 11309. Evaluation of projects within an operational right-of-way.
      Sec. 11310. Preliminary engineering.
      Sec. 11311. Efficient implementation of NEPA for Federal land management 
      Sec. 11312. National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 reporting program.
      Sec. 11313. Surface transportation project delivery program written 
      Sec. 11314. State assumption of responsibility for categorical 
      Sec. 11315. Early utility relocation prior to transportation project 
                 environmental review.
      Sec. 11316. Streamlining of section 4(f) reviews.
      Sec. 11317. Categorical exclusion for projects of limited Federal 
      Sec. 11318. Certain gathering lines located on Federal land and Indian 
      Sec. 11319. Annual report.
                             Subtitle D--Climate Change
      Sec. 11401. Grants for charging and fueling infrastructure.
      Sec. 11402. Reduction of truck emissions at port facilities.
      Sec. 11403. Carbon reduction program.
      Sec. 11404. Congestion relief program.
      Sec. 11405. Promoting Resilient Operations for Transformative, 
                 Efficient, and Cost-saving Transportation (PROTECT) program.
      Sec. 11406. Healthy Streets program.
                              Subtitle E--Miscellaneous
      Sec. 11501. Additional deposits into Highway Trust Fund.
      Sec. 11502. Stopping threats on pedestrians.
      Sec. 11503. Transfer and sale of toll credits.
      Sec. 11504. Study of impacts on roads from self-driving vehicles.
      Sec. 11505. Disaster relief mobilization study.
      Sec. 11506. Appalachian Regional Commission.
      Sec. 11507. Denali Commission.
      Sec. 11508. Requirements for transportation projects carried out through 
                 public-private partnerships.
      Sec. 11509. Reconnecting communities pilot program.
      Sec. 11510. Cybersecurity tool; cyber coordinator.
      Sec. 11511. Report on emerging alternative fuel vehicles and 
      Sec. 11512. Nonhighway recreational fuel study.
      Sec. 11513. Buy America.
      Sec. 11514. High priority corridors on the National Highway System.
      Sec. 11515. Interstate weight limits.
      Sec. 11516. Report on air quality improvements.
      Sec. 11517. Roadside highway safety hardware.
      Sec. 11518. Permeable pavements study.
      Sec. 11519. Emergency relief projects.
      Sec. 11520. Study on stormwater best management practices.
      Sec. 11521. Stormwater best management practices reports.
      Sec. 11522. Invasive plant elimination program.
      Sec. 11523. Over-the-road bus tolling equity.
      [[Page 135 STAT. 431]]
      Sec. 11524. Bridge terminology.
      Sec. 11525. Technical corrections.
      Sec. 11526. Working group on covered resources.
      Sec. 11527. Blood transport vehicles.
      Sec. 11528. Pollinator-friendly practices on roadsides and highway 
      Sec. 11529. Active transportation infrastructure investment program.
      Sec. 11530. Highway cost allocation study.
      Sec. 12001. Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act of 
                 1998 amendments.
      Sec. 12002. Federal requirements for TIFIA eligibility and project 
      Sec. 13001. Strategic innovation for revenue collection.
      Sec. 13002. National motor vehicle per-mile user fee pilot.
      Sec. 13003. Performance management data support program.
      Sec. 13004. Data integration pilot program.
      Sec. 13005. Emerging technology research pilot program.
      Sec. 13006. Research and technology development and deployment.
      Sec. 13007. Workforce development, training, and education.
      Sec. 13008. Wildlife-vehicle collision research.
      Sec. 13009. Transportation Resilience and Adaptation Centers of 
      Sec. 13010. Transportation access pilot program.
                              TITLE IV--INDIAN AFFAIRS
      Sec. 14001. Definition of Secretary.
      Sec. 14002. Environmental reviews for certain tribal transportation 
      Sec. 14003. Programmatic agreements for tribal categorical exclusions.
      Sec. 14004. Use of certain tribal transportation funds.
      Sec. 14005. Bureau of Indian Affairs road maintenance program.
      Sec. 14006. Study of road maintenance on Indian land.
      Sec. 14007. Maintenance of certain Indian reservation roads.
      Sec. 14008. Tribal transportation safety needs.
      Sec. 14009. Office of Tribal Government Affairs.
      Sec. 20001. Short title.
      Sec. 20002. Definitions.
                        Subtitle A--Multimodal Freight Policy
      Sec. 21101. Office of Multimodal Freight Infrastructure and Policy.
      Sec. 21102. Updates to National Freight Plan.
      Sec. 21103. State collaboration with National Multimodal Freight 
      Sec. 21104. Improving State freight plans.
      Sec. 21105. Implementation of National Multimodal Freight Network.
      Sec. 21106. Multi-State freight corridor planning.
      Sec. 21107. State freight advisory committees.
                          Subtitle B--Multimodal Investment
      Sec. 21201. National infrastructure project assistance.
      Sec. 21202. Local and regional project assistance.
      Sec. 21203. National culvert removal, replacement, and restoration grant 
      Sec. 21204. National multimodal cooperative freight research program.
      Sec. 21205. Rural and Tribal infrastructure advancement.
        Subtitle C--Railroad Rehabilitation and Improvement Financing Reforms
      Sec. 21301. RRIF codification and reforms.
      Sec. 21302. Substantive criteria and standards.
      Sec. 21303. Semiannual report on transit-oriented development 
                                   TITLE II--RAIL
      Sec. 22001. Short title.
                     Subtitle A--Authorization of Appropriations
      Sec. 22101. Grants to Amtrak.
      [[Page 135 STAT. 432]]
      Sec. 22102. Federal Railroad Administration.
      Sec. 22103. Consolidated rail infrastructure and safety improvements 
      Sec. 22104. Railroad crossing elimination program.
      Sec. 22105. Restoration and enhancement grants.
      Sec. 22106. Federal-State partnership for intercity passenger rail 
      Sec. 22107. Amtrak Office of Inspector General.
                             Subtitle B--Amtrak Reforms
      Sec. 22201. Amtrak findings, mission, and goals.
      Sec. 22202. Composition of Amtrak's Board of Directors.
      Sec. 22203. Station agents.
      Sec. 22204. Increasing oversight of changes to Amtrak long-distance 
                 routes and other intercity services.
      Sec. 22205. Improved oversight of Amtrak accounting.
      Sec. 22206. Improved oversight of Amtrak spending.
      Sec. 22207. Increasing service line and asset line plan transparency.
      Sec. 22208. Passenger experience enhancement.
      Sec. 22209. Amtrak smoking policy.
      Sec. 22210. Protecting Amtrak routes through rural communities.
      Sec. 22211. State-Supported Route Committee.
      Sec. 22212. Enhancing cross border service.
      Sec. 22213. Creating quality jobs.
      Sec. 22214. Amtrak daily long-distance service study.
                     Subtitle C--Intercity Passenger Rail Policy
      Sec. 22301. Northeast Corridor planning.
      Sec. 22302. Northeast Corridor Commission.
      Sec. 22303. Consolidated rail infrastructure and safety improvements.
      Sec. 22304. Restoration and enhancement grants.
      Sec. 22305. Railroad crossing elimination program.
      Sec. 22306. Interstate rail compacts.
      Sec. 22307. Federal-State partnership for intercity passenger rail 
      Sec. 22308. Corridor identification and development program.
      Sec. 22309. Surface Transportation Board passenger rail program.
                               Subtitle D--Rail Safety
      Sec. 22401. Railway-highway crossings program evaluation.
      Sec. 22402. Grade crossing accident prediction model.
      Sec. 22403. Periodic updates to highway-rail crossing reports and plans.
      Sec. 22404. Blocked crossing portal.
      Sec. 22405. Data accessibility.
      Sec. 22406. Emergency lighting.
      Sec. 22407. Comprehensive rail safety review of Amtrak.
      Sec. 22408. Completion of hours of service and fatigue studies.
      Sec. 22409. Positive train control study.
      Sec. 22410. Operating crew member training, qualification, and 
      Sec. 22411. Transparency and safety.
      Sec. 22412. Research and development.
      Sec. 22413. Rail research and development center of excellence.
      Sec. 22414. Quarterly report on positive train control system 
      Sec. 22415. Speed limit action plans.
      Sec. 22416. New passenger service pre-revenue safety validation plan.
      Sec. 22417. Federal Railroad Administration accident and incident 
      Sec. 22418. Civil penalty enforcement authority.
      Sec. 22419. Advancing safety and innovative technology.
      Sec. 22420. Passenger rail vehicle occupant protection systems.
      Sec. 22421. Federal Railroad Administration reporting requirements.
      Sec. 22422. National Academies study on trains longer than 7,500 feet.
      Sec. 22423. High-speed train noise emissions.
      Sec. 22424. Critical incident stress plans.
      Sec. 22425. Requirements for railroad freight cars placed into service 
                 in the United States.
      Sec. 22426. Railroad point of contact for public safety issues.
      Sec. 22427. Controlled substances testing for mechanical employees.
                           TITLE III--MOTOR CARRIER SAFETY
      Sec. 23001. Authorization of appropriations.
      Sec. 23002. Motor carrier safety advisory committee.
      Sec. 23003. Combating human trafficking.
      Sec. 23004. Immobilization grant program.
      Sec. 23005. Commercial motor vehicle enforcement training and support.
      [[Page 135 STAT. 433]]
      Sec. 23006. Study of commercial motor vehicle crash causation.
      Sec. 23007. Promoting women in the trucking workforce.
      Sec. 23008. State inspection of passenger-carrying commercial motor 
      Sec. 23009. Truck Leasing Task Force.
      Sec. 23010. Automatic emergency braking.
      Sec. 23011. Underride protection.
      Sec. 23012. Providers of recreational activities.
      Sec. 23013. Amendments to regulations relating to transportation of 
                 household goods in interstate commerce.
      Sec. 23014. Improving Federal-State motor carrier safety enforcement 
      Sec. 23015. Limousine research.
      Sec. 23016. National Consumer Complaint Database.
      Sec. 23017. Electronic logging device oversight.
      Sec. 23018. Transportation of agricultural commodities and farm 
      Sec. 23019. Modification of restrictions on certain commercial driver's 
      Sec. 23020. Report on human trafficking violations involving commercial 
                 motor vehicles.
      Sec. 23021. Broker guidance relating to Federal motor carrier safety 
      Sec. 23022. Apprenticeship pilot program.
      Sec. 23023. Limousine compliance with Federal safety standards.
                         Subtitle A--Highway Traffic Safety
      Sec. 24101. Authorization of appropriations.
      Sec. 24102. Highway safety programs.
      Sec. 24103. Highway safety research and development.
      Sec. 24104. High-visibility enforcement programs.
      Sec. 24105. National priority safety programs.
      Sec. 24106. Multiple substance-impaired driving prevention.
      Sec. 24107. Minimum penalties for repeat offenders for driving while 
                 intoxicated or driving under the influence.
      Sec. 24108. Crash data.
      Sec. 24109. Review of Move Over or Slow Down Law public awareness.
      Sec. 24110. Review of laws, safety measures, and technologies relating 
                 to school buses.
      Sec. 24111. Motorcyclist Advisory Council.
      Sec. 24112. Safe Streets and Roads for All grant program.
      Sec. 24113. Implementation of GAO recommendations.
                             Subtitle B--Vehicle Safety
      Sec. 24201. Authorization of appropriations.
      Sec. 24202. Recall completion.
      Sec. 24203. Recall engagement.
      Sec. 24204. Motor vehicle seat back safety standards.
      Sec. 24205. Automatic shutoff.
      Sec. 24206. Petitions by interested persons for standards and 
      Sec. 24207. Child safety seat accessibility study.
      Sec. 24208. Crash avoidance technology.
      Sec. 24209. Reduction of driver distraction.
      Sec. 24210. Rulemaking report.
      Sec. 24211. Global harmonization.
      Sec. 24212. Headlamps.
      Sec. 24213. New Car Assessment Program.
      Sec. 24214. Hood and bumper standards.
      Sec. 24215. Emergency medical services and 9-1-1.
      Sec. 24216. Early warning reporting.
      Sec. 24217. Improved vehicle safety databases.
      Sec. 24218. National Driver Register Advisory Committee repeal.
      Sec. 24219. Research on connected vehicle technology.
      Sec. 24220. Advanced impaired driving technology.
      Sec. 24221. GAO report on crash dummies.
      Sec. 24222. Child safety.
                          TITLE V--RESEARCH AND INNOVATION
      Sec. 25001. Intelligent Transportation Systems Program Advisory 
      Sec. 25002. Smart Community Resource Center.
      Sec. 25003. Federal support for local decisionmaking.
      Sec. 25004. Bureau of Transportation Statistics.
      Sec. 25005. Strengthening mobility and revolutionizing transportation 
                 grant program.
      [[Page 135 STAT. 434]]
      Sec. 25006. Electric vehicle working group.
      Sec. 25007. Risk and system resilience.
      Sec. 25008. Coordination on emerging transportation technology.
      Sec. 25009. Interagency Infrastructure Permitting Improvement Center.
      Sec. 25010. Rural opportunities to use transportation for economic 
                 success initiative.
      Sec. 25011. Safety data initiative.
      Sec. 25012. Advanced transportation research.
      Sec. 25013. Open research initiative.
      Sec. 25014. Transportation research and development 5-year strategic 
      Sec. 25015. Research planning modifications.
      Sec. 25016. Incorporation of Department of Transportation research.
      Sec. 25017. University transportation centers program.
      Sec. 25018. National travel and tourism infrastructure strategic plan.
      Sec. 25019. Local hiring preference for construction jobs.
      Sec. 25020. Transportation workforce development.
      Sec. 25021. Intermodal Transportation Advisory Board repeal.
      Sec. 25022. GAO cybersecurity recommendations.
      Sec. 25023. Volpe oversight.
      Sec. 25024. Modifications to grant program.
      Sec. 25025. Drug-impaired driving data collection.
      Sec. 25026. Report on marijuana research.
      Sec. 25027. GAO study on improving the efficiency of traffic systems.
                            TITLE VI--HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
      Sec. 26001. Authorization of appropriations.
      Sec. 26002. Assistance for local emergency response training grant 
      Sec. 26003. Real-time emergency response information.
                            TITLE VII--GENERAL PROVISIONS
      Sec. 27001. Performance measurement, transparency, and accountability.
      Sec. 27002. Coordination regarding forced labor.
      Sec. 27003. Department of Transportation spectrum audit.
      Sec. 27004. Study and reports on the travel and tourism activities of 
                 the Department.
      Sec. 28001. Sport fish restoration and recreational boating safety.
                                 DIVISION C--TRANSIT
      Sec. 30001. Definitions.
      Sec. 30002. Metropolitan transportation planning.
      Sec. 30003. Statewide and nonmetropolitan transportation planning.
      Sec. 30004. Planning programs.
      Sec. 30005. Fixed guideway capital investment grants.
      Sec. 30006. Formula grants for rural areas.
      Sec. 30007. Public transportation innovation.
      Sec. 30008. Bus testing facilities.
      Sec. 30009. Transit-oriented development.
      Sec. 30010. General provisions.
      Sec. 30011. Public transportation emergency relief program.
      Sec. 30012. Public transportation safety program.
      Sec. 30013. Administrative provisions.
      Sec. 30014. National transit database.
      Sec. 30015. Apportionment of appropriations for formula grants.
      Sec. 30016. State of good repair grants.
      Sec. 30017. Authorizations.
      Sec. 30018. Grants for buses and bus facilities.
      Sec. 30019. Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority safety, 
                 accountability, and investment.
                                 DIVISION D--ENERGY
      Sec. 40001. Definitions.
             Subtitle A--Grid Infrastructure Resilience and Reliability
      Sec. 40101. Preventing outages and enhancing the resilience of the 
                 electric grid.
      Sec. 40102. Hazard mitigation using disaster assistance.
      [[Page 135 STAT. 435]]
      Sec. 40103. Electric grid reliability and resilience research, 
                 development, and demonstration.
      Sec. 40104. Utility demand response.
      Sec. 40105. Siting of interstate electric transmission facilities.
      Sec. 40106. Transmission facilitation program.
      Sec. 40107. Deployment of technologies to enhance grid flexibility.
      Sec. 40108. State energy security plans.
      Sec. 40109. State energy program.
      Sec. 40110. Power marketing administration transmission borrowing 
      Sec. 40111. Study of codes and standards for use of energy storage 
                 systems across sectors.
      Sec. 40112. Demonstration of electric vehicle battery second-life 
                 applications for grid services.
      Sec. 40113. Columbia Basin power management.
                              Subtitle B--Cybersecurity
      Sec. 40121. Enhancing grid security through public-private partnerships.
      Sec. 40122. Energy Cyber Sense program.
      Sec. 40123. Incentives for advanced cybersecurity technology investment.
      Sec. 40124. Rural and municipal utility advanced cybersecurity grant and 
                 technical assistance program.
      Sec. 40125. Enhanced grid security.
      Sec. 40126. Cybersecurity plan.
      Sec. 40127. Savings provision.
      Sec. 40201. Earth Mapping Resources Initiative.
      Sec. 40202. National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program.
      Sec. 40203. National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation 
      Sec. 40204. USGS energy and minerals research facility.
      Sec. 40205. Rare earth elements demonstration facility.
      Sec. 40206. Critical minerals supply chains and reliability.
      Sec. 40207. Battery processing and manufacturing.
      Sec. 40208. Electric drive vehicle battery recycling and second-life 
                 applications program.
      Sec. 40209. Advanced energy manufacturing and recycling grant program.
      Sec. 40210. Critical minerals mining and recycling research.
      Sec. 40211. 21st Century Energy Workforce Advisory Board.
        Subtitle A--Carbon Capture, Utilization, Storage, and Transportation 
      Sec. 40301. Findings.
      Sec. 40302. Carbon utilization program.
      Sec. 40303. Carbon capture technology program.
      Sec. 40304. Carbon dioxide transportation infrastructure finance and 
      Sec. 40305. Carbon storage validation and testing.
      Sec. 40306. Secure geologic storage permitting.
      Sec. 40307. Geologic carbon sequestration on the outer Continental 
      Sec. 40308. Carbon removal.
                    Subtitle B--Hydrogen Research and Development
      Sec. 40311. Findings; purpose.
      Sec. 40312. Definitions.
      Sec. 40313. Clean hydrogen research and development program.
      Sec. 40314. Additional clean hydrogen programs.
      Sec. 40315. Clean hydrogen production qualifications.
                      Subtitle C--Nuclear Energy Infrastructure
      Sec. 40321. Infrastructure planning for micro and small modular nuclear 
      Sec. 40322. Property interests relating to certain projects and 
                 protection of information relating to certain agreements.
      Sec. 40323. Civil nuclear credit program.
                               Subtitle D--Hydropower
      Sec. 40331. Hydroelectric production incentives.
      Sec. 40332. Hydroelectric efficiency improvement incentives.
      Sec. 40333. Maintaining and enhancing hydroelectricity incentives.
      Sec. 40334. Pumped storage hydropower wind and solar integration and 
                 system reliability initiative.
      [[Page 135 STAT. 436]]
      Sec. 40335. Authority for pumped storage hydropower development using 
                 multiple Bureau of Reclamation reservoirs.
      Sec. 40336. Limitations on issuance of certain leases of power 
                              Subtitle E--Miscellaneous
      Sec. 40341. Solar energy technologies on current and former mine land.
      Sec. 40342. Clean energy demonstration program on current and former 
                 mine land.
      Sec. 40343. Leases, easements, and rights-of-way for energy and related 
                 purposes on the outer Continental Shelf.
                    Subtitle A--Department of Energy Loan Program
      Sec. 40401. Department of Energy loan programs.
                    Subtitle B--Energy Information Administration
      Sec. 40411. Definitions.
      Sec. 40412. Data collection in the electricity sector.
      Sec. 40413. Expansion of energy consumption surveys.
      Sec. 40414. Data collection on electric vehicle integration with the 
                 electricity grids.
      Sec. 40415. Plan for the modeling and forecasting of demand for minerals 
                 used in the energy sector.
      Sec. 40416. Expansion of international energy data.
      Sec. 40417. Plan for the National Energy Modeling System.
      Sec. 40418. Report on costs of carbon abatement in the electricity 
      Sec. 40419. Harmonization of efforts and data.
                              Subtitle C--Miscellaneous
      Sec. 40431. Consideration of measures to promote greater electrification 
                 of the transportation sector.
      Sec. 40432. Office of public participation.
      Sec. 40433. Digital climate solutions report.
      Sec. 40434. Study and report by the Secretary of Energy on job loss and 
                 impacts on consumer energy costs due to the revocation of the 
                 permit for the Keystone XL pipeline.
      Sec. 40435. Study on impact of electric vehicles.
      Sec. 40436. Study on impact of forced labor in China on the electric 
                 vehicle supply chain.
              Subtitle A--Residential and Commercial Energy Efficiency
      Sec. 40501. Definitions.
      Sec. 40502. Energy efficiency revolving loan fund capitalization grant 
      Sec. 40503. Energy auditor training grant program.
                                Subtitle B--Buildings
      Sec. 40511. Cost-effective codes implementation for efficiency and 
      Sec. 40512. Building, training, and assessment centers.
      Sec. 40513. Career skills training.
      Sec. 40514. Commercial building energy consumption information sharing.
                      Subtitle C--Industrial Energy Efficiency
                                  PART I--Industry
      Sec. 40521. Future of industry program and industrial research and 
                 assessment centers.
      Sec. 40522. Sustainable manufacturing initiative.
                            PART II--Smart Manufacturing
      Sec. 40531. Definitions.
      Sec. 40532. Leveraging existing agency programs to assist small and 
                 medium manufacturers.
      Sec. 40533. Leveraging smart manufacturing infrastructure at National 
      Sec. 40534. State manufacturing leadership.
      Sec. 40535. Report.
                         Subtitle D--Schools and Nonprofits
      Sec. 40541. Grants for energy efficiency improvements and renewable 
                 energy improvements at public school facilities.
      [[Page 135 STAT. 437]]
      Sec. 40542. Energy efficiency materials pilot program.
                              Subtitle E--Miscellaneous
      Sec. 40551. Weatherization assistance program.
      Sec. 40552. Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program.
      Sec. 40553. Survey, analysis, and report on employment and demographics 
                 in the energy, energy efficiency, and motor vehicle sectors 
                 of the United States.
      Sec. 40554. Assisting Federal Facilities with Energy Conservation 
                 Technologies grant program.
      Sec. 40555. Rebates.
      Sec. 40556. Model guidance for combined heat and power systems and waste 
                 heat to power systems.
      Sec. 40601. Orphaned well site plugging, remediation, and restoration.
      Sec. 40701. Abandoned Mine Reclamation Fund authorization of 
      Sec. 40702. Abandoned mine reclamation fee.
      Sec. 40703. Amounts distributed from Abandoned Mine Reclamation Fund.
      Sec. 40704. Abandoned hardrock mine reclamation.
      Sec. 40801. Forest Service Legacy Road and Trail Remediation Program.
      Sec. 40802. Study and report on feasibility of revegetating reclaimed 
                 mine sites.
      Sec. 40803. Wildfire risk reduction.
      Sec. 40804. Ecosystem restoration.
      Sec. 40805. GAO study.
      Sec. 40806. Establishment of fuel breaks in forests and other wildland 
      Sec. 40807. Emergency actions.
      Sec. 40808. Joint Chiefs Landscape Restoration Partnership program.
      Sec. 40901. Authorizations of appropriations.
      Sec. 40902. Water storage, groundwater storage, and conveyance projects.
      Sec. 40903. Small water storage and groundwater storage projects.
      Sec. 40904. Critical maintenance and repair.
      Sec. 40905. Competitive grant program for large-scale water recycling 
                 and reuse program.
      Sec. 40906. Drought contingency plan funding requirements.
      Sec. 40907. Multi-benefit projects to improve watershed health.
      Sec. 40908. Eligible desalination projects.
      Sec. 40909. Clarification of authority to use coronavirus fiscal 
                 recovery funds to meet a non-Federal matching requirement for 
                 authorized Bureau of Reclamation water projects.
      Sec. 40910. Federal assistance for groundwater recharge, aquifer 
                 storage, and water source substitution projects.
      Sec. 41001. Energy storage demonstration projects.
      Sec. 41002. Advanced reactor demonstration program.
      Sec. 41003. Mineral security projects.
      Sec. 41004. Carbon capture demonstration and pilot programs.
      Sec. 41005. Direct air capture technologies prize competitions.
      Sec. 41006. Water power projects.
      Sec. 41007. Renewable energy projects.
      Sec. 41008. Industrial emissions demonstration projects.
                          TITLE XI--WAGE RATE REQUIREMENTS
      Sec. 41101. Wage rate requirements.
                              TITLE XII--MISCELLANEOUS
      Sec. 41201. Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations.
      Sec. 41202. Extension of Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-
                 Determination Act of 2000.
      Sec. 50001. Short title.
      [[Page 135 STAT. 438]]
      Sec. 50002. Definition of Administrator.
                               TITLE I--DRINKING WATER
      Sec. 50101. Technical assistance and grants for emergencies affecting 
                 public water systems.
      Sec. 50102. Drinking water State revolving loan funds.
      Sec. 50103. Source water petition program.
      Sec. 50104. Assistance for small and disadvantaged communities.
      Sec. 50105. Reducing lead in drinking water.
      Sec. 50106. Operational sustainability of small public water systems.
      Sec. 50107. Midsize and large drinking water system infrastructure 
                 resilience and sustainability program.
      Sec. 50108. Needs assessment for nationwide rural and urban low-income 
                 community water assistance.
      Sec. 50109. Rural and low-income water assistance pilot program.
      Sec. 50110. Lead contamination in school drinking water.
      Sec. 50111. Indian reservation drinking water program.
      Sec. 50112. Advanced drinking water technologies.
      Sec. 50113. Cybersecurity support for public water systems.
      Sec. 50114. State response to contaminants.
      Sec. 50115. Annual study on boil water advisories.
                                TITLE II--CLEAN WATER
      Sec. 50201. Research, investigations, training, and information.
      Sec. 50202. Wastewater efficiency grant pilot program.
      Sec. 50203. Pilot program for alternative water source projects.
      Sec. 50204. Sewer overflow and stormwater reuse municipal grants.
      Sec. 50205. Clean water infrastructure resiliency and sustainability 
      Sec. 50206. Small and medium publicly owned treatment works circuit 
                 rider program.
      Sec. 50207. Small publicly owned treatment works efficiency grant 
      Sec. 50208. Grants for construction and refurbishing of individual 
                 household decentralized wastewater systems for individuals 
                 with low or moderate income.
      Sec. 50209. Connection to publicly owned treatment works.
      Sec. 50210. Clean water State revolving funds.
      Sec. 50211. Water infrastructure and workforce investment.
      Sec. 50212. Grants to Alaska to improve sanitation in rural and Native 
      Sec. 50213. Water data sharing pilot program.
      Sec. 50214. Final rating opinion letters.
      Sec. 50215. Water infrastructure financing reauthorization.
      Sec. 50216. Small and disadvantaged community analysis.
      Sec. 50217. Stormwater infrastructure technology.
      Sec. 50218. Water Reuse Interagency Working Group.
      Sec. 50219. Advanced clean water technologies study.
      Sec. 50220. Clean watersheds needs survey.
      Sec. 50221. Water Resources Research Act amendments.
      Sec. 50222. Enhanced aquifer use and recharge.
                                DIVISION F--BROADBAND
                                   AND TERRITORIES
      Sec. 60101. Findings.
      Sec. 60102. Grants for broadband deployment.
      Sec. 60103. Broadband DATA maps.
      Sec. 60104. Report on future of Universal Service Fund.
      Sec. 60105. Broadband deployment locations map.
      Sec. 60201. Tribal connectivity technical amendments.
                        TITLE III--DIGITAL EQUITY ACT OF 2021
      Sec. 60301. Short title.
      Sec. 60302. Definitions.
      Sec. 60303. Sense of Congress.
      Sec. 60304. State Digital Equity Capacity Grant Program.
      Sec. 60305. Digital Equity Competitive Grant Program.
      Sec. 60306. Policy research, data collection, analysis and modeling, 
                 evaluation, and dissemination.
      [[Page 135 STAT. 439]]
      Sec. 60307. General provisions.
      Sec. 60401. Enabling middle mile broadband infrastructure.
                          TITLE V--BROADBAND AFFORDABILITY
      Sec. 60501. Definitions.
      Sec. 60502. Broadband affordability.
      Sec. 60503. Coordination with certain other Federal agencies.
      Sec. 60504. Adoption of consumer broadband labels.
      Sec. 60505. GAO report.
      Sec. 60506. Digital discrimination.
      Sec. 60601. Short title.
      Sec. 60602. Telecommunications interagency working group.
      Sec. 60603. Telecommunications workforce guidance.
      Sec. 60604. GAO assessment of workforce needs of the telecommunications 
                          DIVISION G--OTHER AUTHORIZATIONS
      Sec. 70101. Indian Water Rights Settlement Completion Fund.
                            TITLE II--WILDFIRE MITIGATION
      Sec. 70201. Short title.
      Sec. 70202. Definitions.
      Sec. 70203. Establishment of Commission.
      Sec. 70204. Duties of Commission.
      Sec. 70205. Powers of Commission.
      Sec. 70206. Commission personnel matters.
      Sec. 70207. Termination of Commission.
                              TITLE III--REFORESTATION
      Sec. 70301. Short title.
      Sec. 70302. Reforestation following wildfires and other unplanned 
      Sec. 70303. Report.
                            TITLE IV--RECYCLING PRACTICES
      Sec. 70401. Best practices for battery recycling and labeling 
      Sec. 70402. Consumer recycling education and outreach grant program; 
                 Federal procurement.
                          TITLE V--BIOPRODUCT PILOT PROGRAM
      Sec. 70501. Pilot program on use of agricultural commodities in 
                 construction and consumer products.
                               TITLE VI--CYBERSECURITY
                     Subtitle A--Cyber Response and Recovery Act
      Sec. 70601. Short title.
      Sec. 70602. Declaration of a significant incident.
              Subtitle B--State and Local Cybersecurity Improvement Act
      Sec. 70611. Short title.
      Sec. 70612. State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program.
      Sec. 70701. Value for money analysis.
      Sec. 70801. Federal permitting improvement.
                        TITLE IX--BUILD AMERICA, BUY AMERICA
                       Subtitle A--Build America, Buy America
      Sec. 70901. Short title.
                      PART I--Buy America Sourcing Requirements
      Sec. 70911. Findings.
      [[Page 135 STAT. 440]]
      Sec. 70912. Definitions.
      Sec. 70913. Identification of deficient programs.
      Sec. 70914. Application of Buy America preference.
      Sec. 70915. OMB guidance and standards.
      Sec. 70916. Technical assistance partnership and consultation supporting 
                 Department of Transportation Buy America requirements.
      Sec. 70917. Application.
                             PART II--Make It in America
      Sec. 70921. Regulations relating to Buy American Act.
      Sec. 70922. Amendments relating to Buy American Act.
      Sec. 70923. Made in America Office.
      Sec. 70924. Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership activities.
      Sec. 70925. United States obligations under international agreements.
      Sec. 70926. Definitions.
      Sec. 70927. Prospective amendments to internal cross-references.
      Sec. 70931. Short title.
      Sec. 70932. Definitions.
      Sec. 70933. Sense of Congress on buying American.
      Sec. 70934. Assessment of impact of free trade agreements.
      Sec. 70935. Judicious use of waivers.
      Sec. 70936. Establishment of website.
      Sec. 70937. Waiver Transparency and Streamlining for contracts.
      Sec. 70938. Comptroller General report.
      Sec. 70939. Rules of construction.
      Sec. 70940. Consistency with international agreements.
      Sec. 70941. Prospective amendments to internal cross-references.
                           Subtitle C--Make PPE in America
      Sec. 70951. Short title.
      Sec. 70952. Findings.
      Sec. 70953. Requirement of long-term contracts for domestically 
                 manufactured personal protective equipment.
                             TITLE X--ASSET CONCESSIONS
      Sec. 71001. Asset concessions.
      Sec. 71101. Clean school bus program.
      Sec. 71102. Electric or low-emitting ferry pilot program.
      Sec. 71103. Ferry service for rural communities.
      Sec. 71104. Expanding the funding authority for renovating, 
                 constructing, and expanding certain facilities.
                           DIVISION H--REVENUE PROVISIONS
                             TITLE I--HIGHWAY TRUST FUND
      Sec. 80101. Extension of Highway Trust Fund expenditure authority.
      Sec. 80102. Extension of highway-related taxes.
      Sec. 80103. Further additional transfers to trust fund.
                            TITLE II--CHEMICAL SUPERFUND
      Sec. 80201. Extension and modification of certain superfund excise 
                            TITLE III--CUSTOMS USER FEES
      Sec. 80301. Extension of customs user fees.
                              TITLE IV--BOND PROVISIONS
      Sec. 80401. Private activity bonds for qualified broadband projects.
      Sec. 80402. Carbon dioxide capture facilities.
      Sec. 80403. Increase in national limitation amount for qualified highway 
                 or surface freight transportation facilities.
      Sec. 80501. Modification of automatic extension of certain deadlines in 
                 the case of taxpayers affected by Federally declared 
      [[Page 135 STAT. 441]]
      Sec. 80502. Modifications of rules for postponing certain acts by reason 
                 of service in combat zone or contingency operation.
      Sec. 80503. Tolling of time for filing a petition with the tax court.
      Sec. 80504. Authority to postpone certain tax deadlines by reason of 
                 significant fires.
                             TITLE VI--OTHER PROVISIONS
      Sec. 80601. Modification of tax treatment of contributions to the 
                 capital of a corporation.
      Sec. 80602. Extension of interest rate stabilization.
      Sec. 80603. Information reporting for brokers and digital assets.
      Sec. 80604. Termination of employee retention credit for employers 
                 subject to closure due to COVID-19.
                              DIVISION I--OTHER MATTERS
      Sec. 90001. Extension of direct spending reductions through fiscal year 
      Sec. 90002. Strategic Petroleum Reserve drawdown and sale.
      Sec. 90003. Findings regarding unused unemployment insurance funds.
      Sec. 90004. Requiring manufacturers of certain single-dose container or 
                 single-use package drugs payable under part B of the Medicare 
                 program to provide refunds with respect to discarded amounts 
                 of such drugs.
      Sec. 90005. Extension of enterprise guarantee fees.
      Sec. 90006. Moratorium on implementation of rule relating to eliminating 
                 the anti-kickback statute safe harbor protection for 
                 prescription drug rebates.
      Sec. 90007. Rescission of COVID-19 appropriations.
      Sec. 90008. Spectrum auctions.
                             DIVISION J--APPROPRIATIONS
                                AND RELATED AGENCIES
      Sec. 100001. Short title.
      Sec. 100002. Definitions.
      Sec. 100003. Minority Business Development Agency.
                            TITLE I--EXISTING INITIATIVES
              Subtitle A--Market Development, Research, and Information
      Sec. 100101. Private sector development.
      Sec. 100102. Public sector development.
      Sec. 100103. Research and information.
      Subtitle B--Minority Business Development Agency Business Center Program
      Sec. 100111. Definition.
      Sec. 100112. Purpose.
      Sec. 100113. Establishment.
      Sec. 100114. Grants and cooperative agreements.
      Sec. 100115. Minimizing disruptions to existing MBDA Business Center 
      Sec. 100116. Publicity.
      Sec. 100201. Annual diverse business forum on capital formation.
      [[Page 135 STAT. 442]]
      Sec. 100202. Agency study on alternative financing solutions.
      Sec. 100203. Educational development relating to management and 
      Sec. 100301. Definitions.
      Sec. 100302. Business centers.
      Sec. 100303. Report to Congress.
      Sec. 100304. Study and report.
      Sec. 100401. Grants to nonprofit organizations that support minority 
                 business enterprises.
      Sec. 100501. Purpose.
      Sec. 100502. Composition and term.
      Sec. 100503. Duties.
      Sec. 100601. General duties.
      Sec. 100602. Participation of Federal departments and agencies.
      Sec. 100701. Administrative powers.
      Sec. 100702. Federal assistance.
      Sec. 100703. Recordkeeping.
      Sec. 100704. Review and report by Comptroller General.
      Sec. 100705. Biannual reports; recommendations.
      Sec. 100706. Separability.
      Sec. 100707. Executive Order 11625.
      Sec. 100708. Authorization of appropriations.
      SEC. 2. <>  REFERENCES.
          Except as expressly provided otherwise, any reference to ``this 
      Act'' contained in any division of this Act shall be treated as 
      referring only to the provisions of that division.
      [[Page 135 STAT. 443]]
      SEC. 10001. <>  SHORT TITLE.
          This division may be cited as the ``Surface Transportation 
      Reauthorization Act of 2021''.
      SEC. 10002. <>  DEFINITIONS.
          In this division:
                  (1) Department.--The term ``Department'' means the 
              Department of Transportation.
                  (2) Secretary.--The term ``Secretary'' means the Secretary 
              of Transportation.
      SEC. 10003. <>  EFFECTIVE DATE.
          Except as otherwise provided, this division and the amendments made 
      by this division take effect on October 1, 2021.
                            TITLE I--FEDERAL-AID HIGHWAYS
      Subtitle A <> --Authorizations and Programs
          (a) In General.--The following amounts are authorized to be 
      appropriated out of the Highway Trust Fund (other than the Mass Transit 
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