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  2. thanks @Nate.for the banner. Crackhouse Admins Vs Regs After the success of the last event we decided to do it again! The rules are the same as last time Regulars will be on T side and Admins will be on CT side. Don't miss this, who knows, we might put in some drug rounds and team switches to spice it up! When? Friday, March 12 @ 7 PM EST Where? Join now
  3. went through the trouble to bot his profile views lmao

  4. bump as stated before event is Wednesday @ 7 PM EST
  5. Because of a last minute call we decided to change the event day to Wednesday, March 10 @ 7 PM EST. Make sure to look out for more news on crackhouse in a few days
  6. Thanks for the banner @Nate. Crackhouse GunGame ZZL rejected my offer of doing admins vs regs again so im forced to do this :(. Crackhouse gungame is exactly what it sounds, we will bring back an old gamemode and play it on the crackhouse map! How gungame works is players are tasked to kill each other with different guns, and each time you get a kill you rank up to a new weapon. The first person who finishes the gun list wins! Exp will be enabled from the main leaderboard plugin on the server! When? Wednesday , March 10th @ 7 PM EST Where? Join the SG discord now ZZL is a clown
  7. Auto is first place rn at 10k but that dosent mean u cant catch up hop on!
  8. Wasn’t able to get on when this was hosted before. Excited to play
  9. u got almost 10k points but not even 24 hours on the server lol
  10. spy is about to hit 10k dont let him get on!
  11. Excited to see some events for tf2. Was pretty fun before when we had players. I’ll make sure to come.