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  1. Kit-Kat-Tat

    Prime Only

    Not ganna argue just take my opinion into account and good luck with the suggestion man.
  2. Well you know I talked to zzl and he just said to make a suggestion so that's what I did. Not ganna be responding to you anymore cause an admin is ganna be like take it to dms so have a nice day che. Not making fun of admins btw just saying.
  3. Kit-Kat-Tat

    Prime Only

    Yea but man you don't understand you know how much the population will go down bro its ganna be BAD. That's the main point and the admins can just ban the alt accounts its not really a problem.
  4. I did above Bright like BRIGHT Red and White the HVH tracers at least the most popular ones cause they look so clean bro
  5. So I don't think this would be a big issue since it would give more variety to the shop but can you guys add more colored tracers? I really like the HVH ones and sorry if I get backlash for this but having a thick white tracer or a bright red tracer hitting someone is so satisfying to me and the tracers right now are eh. Its not that there bad its just I don't like that they barely show up, maybe its because a seeing problem which would be very reasonable but in my opinion if you would just make it so tracers can stand out more and add those two colors I would be very happy and I think other people would to. If you guys are wondering which servers I think it would just be all of them so it can be beneficial and all the servers involve shooting I would say.
  6. Kit-Kat-Tat

    Prime Only

    MG isn't really popular to begin with and I'm not talking about like in general just as a gamemode but I don't think this issue is a big one considering its MG if your talking about making just MG prime only it would be a problem because since its not very popular it would kill the population if you have a problem I recommend calling an admin since this will likely get Rejected.
  7. Well guys caramel is winning its a gg
  8. ok thx for the responses
  9. So like the new repeat thing if you use it after 10 seconds of giving the order and its a legit repeat(aka not abusing it) does the guard have to repeat? 2 Questions in one sentence. If it is like that though shouldn't it be changed if the prisoner is clueless and the cts don't tell him to follow his t buddies since there are a lot of new players.
  10. Eh to be honest ill give him credit for telling the ts to unstack but yea I agree with Rob and ZZL.
  11. Idk if it’s just me but ur pretty fucking lucky if the T says that. It’s one of the most simple gun tosses I’ve seen a T give
  12. Mace... what the hell is this. Do you know what a syllable is.
  13. I actually agree with you I'm ganna be honest if the trading gets denied I hope the selling back gets added cause it would be good just because... well you know if you accidently by something or you don't like the item.
  14. To be honest I’m actually surprised such a simple thing that people are so desperate over the fact the some people trade in game items such as skins for credits is sad although you can enforce this by you know banning scammers I do see your point and it will be a lot of work. So I guess it will be up to the higher ups.