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  1. Kit-Kat-Tat

    Points Reset

    I don't play retakes but I wouldn't think this would be the best idea in my opinion, it would get some people upset and you don't really need to reset the points in the first place.
  2. Totally agree here. By the way I don't really see an issue here either making this thread was pretty useless since your just complaining and/or annoyed. I get the point though, but really? Removing the P90 just because of this isn't an issue, people do this all the time to the point where I really don't care anymore and besides you weren't following orders so It is your fault, nothing you can do. Also there are other guns that can do more then 90 damage in 1 hit as scrolls mentioned before.
  3. This would be a great idea especially because some people don’t have mics on JB this would make it more easy for CT’s to give orders too.
  4. I see in the near future everybody screaming and me not being there
  5. I mean nothings wrong with telling people to do !info and !faq on TTT I don’t see this as a needed change and on other servers when I see this pop up it annoys me.
  6. I mean there is a simple fix don't count them as bodies. Make them into something else like the souls for Halloween. I mean this isn't even themed but I recommend you make them into ghosts just make it so they aren't annoying when there halfway in the ground.
  7. This event is always so fun. Thanks for keeping it up guys!
  8. If only they allowed an AWP bhop no spread server
  9. Kit-Kat-Tat

    Prime Only

    Not ganna argue just take my opinion into account and good luck with the suggestion man.
  10. Kit-Kat-Tat

    Prime Only

    Yea but man you don't understand you know how much the population will go down bro its ganna be BAD. That's the main point and the admins can just ban the alt accounts its not really a problem.
  11. Kit-Kat-Tat

    Prime Only

    MG isn't really popular to begin with and I'm not talking about like in general just as a gamemode but I don't think this issue is a big one considering its MG if your talking about making just MG prime only it would be a problem because since its not very popular it would kill the population if you have a problem I recommend calling an admin since this will likely get Rejected.
  12. To be honest just give The Head guard permission to override other orders and you can’t speak over him. Its been quite annoying lately with the CTs speaking over each other and I feel bad for the Ts because if no admin is on they don’t know what to do cause you can’t hear shit. The idea of the Head Guard/Lead/Warden would be to take charge of everything and give the orders this can be demonstrated by having a command to claim the role in game and having it place next to their name. I would say the Role would give the power to override any order from a CT but if this power is abused by not letting any other CT give orders the person can call an admin it is not my decision to decide the punishment but I would say a CT ban would be fair. Rules: Having The Role would make it so you can override orders as I’ve said but you can’t override a death game from a CT because it wouldn’t be fair and The Role would continue to give orders for the other Ts if any CT speaks over the Role the Head Guy would be able to mute them for 15 seconds. In general this Role to JB is necessary because with the popularity of SG JB and the new players it would be a good learning curve for all of us to organize things better. Take it as an experiment that can be modified whenever by taking suggestions from the community and if they don’t like it it doesn’t have to stay. EDIT: This is a suggestion I will clarify anything if you quote me and call me out on something that needs clarification.