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  1. wheres this punk man

  2. Everyone...Lets get ready for thursday. But for right now, party at my house..
  3. I hate when I get killed for accidentally picking up a primary. I drop it but they still decide to kill me 2 seconds after I dropped it.
  4. One way to solve this problem. type in kill on console. 100% guaranteed..
  5. What are you talking about? Warning shots should be mandatory. I only give warning shots if they do a certain act in which they accidentally do something wrong, they shouldn't die over a small mistake. Also it makes the server more enjoyable and different from jail break servers. I would not give a warning shot if they wonder around big time like on the urge of rebelling. Who would want to wait 4 minutes for dieing just because they made a small detour, delay, crouch, etc mistake. I understand, people do know that they will not get killed but if they keep doing it, eventually you can either kill them or they will eventually die from too many warning shots. I disagree with your opinion and I think they should keep warning shots... Prestige Out!!!
  6. donate to the community and become Sup! and besides post on my wall not yours fool!

  7. That will be dumb if nades get restricted, there's more than one way to use a nade as a CT and it has nothing to do with throwing it at a group of T's. As a Ct, nades can be used as a last resort once when you have to reload. Another way to use a nade as CT is to shoot it towards the rebelers that are way higher up from the ground. Look at it differently and don't look at it as a group free nade. People who free nade an entire T group either have the minds of a 3 year old kid, are doing it for fun, or don't know how to play the server.
  8. Thanks for the heads up Haggard