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Introducing Supporter!

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Not exactly an introduction.. but it seemed like an enticing title. We'd like to introduce our new (not exactly) role: Supporter!


The Board and our staff have been discussing the layout of our supporter system and how it fits into our current community structure. With the smaller player base and lower number of servers, we decided that having three tiers didn't make sense anymore. However, we've gone a step further and dropped it back down to one tier, similar to how it was pre-2016. Additionally, we've dropped the price by nearly half what it used to be prior to the addition of new tiers. Our new price is just a few bucks - $2.99


We dropped the price with the thought in mind that we need to account for there not being as many players around currently, with the added thought that we aren't exactly reliant on incoming funds, so there's no harm for us in making it more affordable. However, we'd greatly appreciate anyone who wants to sign up for instant monthly renewal and help SG out, a few bucks a month from a decent amount of people is more than enough for the time being. If anyone did have a constant subscription going, you'll need to renew it.


So, this change obviously implies that any and all perks that were in any of the previous tiers have been combined into this one. As a Supporter, you'll have access to every donator perk we have available along with any new ones we think to introduce. This includes but is not limited to access to exclusive in-game player models, a wider array of in-game commands,  increased store credit multiplier, various Discord perks such as creating private channels, and much more.


We appreciate all of you who have been supporting the community up to this point, and those who choose to support it in the future! Our staff team is working to the best of their ability to ensure the survival and growth of this community. Lastly, I'd like to do a quick giveaway in honor of the unification of these donation tiers. So... let's say the first 5 people to directly message @Hawks on the forums and tell him he's too short will get a month of Supporter on me.


Thanks everyone.

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Just a quick note, we've changed the store credit multiplier for Supporters from 8x to 2x, along with the raffle points per minute from 36/min down to 4/min. These numbers were insanely high given we had 3 tiers and initially brought everything down from the highest rank, but we're still adjusting to the new one tier system. 


Thanks guys.

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