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You read it right, gamers, free supporter! In efforts to expand our discord and get ourselves out there, we have looked into many avenues, and one we are happy to present to you today is our representation on Discords.com! We have made it so that when you upvote SG on their site you get 6 hours of discord supporter!


How do you do this, one might ask? We added a #freesupporter channel to the info and announcements section. All you need to do is type /bump and follow the link to the site to earn your supporter rank!




Upon upvoting you will get the these permissions:

  • Supporter Role
  • Permission to make Private Channels
  • Ability to post images and gifs across all our channels




Were excited to offer our discord perks to everyone who joins our community and hope you all enjoy using them!



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im guessing this is just giving access to the supporter role that you can pay $3/month for.

basically this just gives you access to private channels, supporter chat, and images/gifs, right? (be cool to list on initial post just so peoples know).


overall its probably nothing but a net benefit for you guys as you get more advertisement, even if it does just encourage locked private channels and gif spamming in general chat

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