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Introducing KZ!

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Hey everyone,


Most of you have seen that this server has been live for some time, but I wanted to officially announce it's release. We're happy to be bringing back KZ Climb! It currently features maps from Tier 1-3 and is using the KZTimer plugin. KZ Climb is honestly not a super fruitful market on CS:GO nowadays however we're hoping to establish some level of community within the server, despite how small it may be. I need to give a huge shoutout to @BoTo for getting this all set up, he configured essentially all of it and dumped a lot of time into it, and he was just too humble to make this post lol. Make sure to add the server to your favorites!


kz.steam-gamers.net OR climb.steam-gamers.net OR


Our rank system is as follows, with map completions earning you 15 points and time improvements earning you 5 points. You can view this list using !ranks and all the commands the plugin features using !help. 


Unranked, Newbie (152p), Beginner (3939p), Regular (15150p), Impressive (22725p), Experienced (36360p), Fantastic (54541p), Elite (90900p), Legendary (121200p)


Hop on and let us know what you think!

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