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An Elfbarf, a Squid, and a Nomai walk into a bar...

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The Bartender asks them what they want, Elfbarf starts to order his drink, but he's stabbed by triou before he can call out what he wants. Nomai asks for a flaming drink, and the Bartender hands him a burning explosive barrel. Squid, starts to order, but the bartender cuts him off and tells him to get out of the bar, he doesn't serve seafood.


I'm sorry


Anyway, congratulations to all three for your continued help in making SG such a great place to be.

Elfbarf's continued hard work on TTT is forever appreciated and this promotion is by far overdue.

Squid and Nomai's help in administrating the TTT, helping keep the fellas in line and providing ideas, insight into TTT and other events and activities has been a breath of fresh air for our members who join us weekly.


As always, join us in Discord to participate in good times! https://discord.gg/steamgamers


Thanks all!!!

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