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Major Change in Admin and Supporter

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From this day forth we will no longer be charging admins and supporters monthly! We will be switching over to a donations only community. This means that admin is free and is something that must be earned. All current admin and supporters may cancel their monthly subscription effective immediately (you are hereby grandfathered into our new system). Each month we will have a goal set and if that goal is met we will be able to keep the community running as it is today. If the goal is not met we will simply downsize and readjust the goal for future months. This change will mean a change in other areas as well. I will do my best to explain all of these changes but feel free to ask questions following this post.

Getting Admin and the new Apprentice Program


In order to apply for the admin you must be a forum member for (60) days. Once you have submitted your application it will be reviewed by our Community Advisers. They will have full say over who gets accepted into the "Admin Apprentice Program." The Community Advisers (CA's) will vote on who gets accepted into the program. Not all applicants will be accepted on their first try. Once accepted into the program these admin will be give limited admin powers and will be monitored by the CA's. Once a week the CA group will take a vote on who gets promoted from the program and given full admin access. Once you have full admin you have it for life, unless you break the admin rules and receive (3) strikes. If an applicant during his apprenticeship shows sings of being unfit for admin the CA's can deny the application and remove limited admin.


Change in supporter


Supporter will no longer be purchased it will simple be given as a "thank you" for supporting the community. Any member, regardless of tenure, who donates $20.00 or more will automatically be given support perks including skins and reserved slots.


Goal for December 15th


Our monthly goal will be $800.00 a month and the date at which the goal needs to be met is December 15th. You can track the progress of our goal on our donation page. You will notice I have changed the donation page and added a few new pages as well. Take a look and remember to thank those that donate and help to support your community.



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