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i love you all, but

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i have to leave for now, i simply do not have any time right now. :cry:


I will be stepping down as MA, sadly before i even got anything done. I have already spoken to Garfieldh, he know's whats up. If you know what i do for a living, great, if not, lolu. Basically, a big deal came through for me and it'll keep me working p much nonstop for the next few months. for an example of how big it is, my income per month will nearly triple (that is, if my calculations are correct.)


I feel like shit that i have to leave my position of MA before anything was able to be done, but hey, real life > gaming (ib4SGisreallife). :happy:


Hopefully I'll be back in a few months for good, i will probably log in here and there, but i can't promise i'll be active. I better not come back to me being a SG Noob. :evil:




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