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Time is closing xd (not a meme)

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Hello fellow steam-gamers!


I'm making this post early, because i want it out of the way.


At august 15th i'm starting university with the studies. i'm taking a bachelor grade in serviceleading and marketing. i will be leaving 11th august in the early morning.


During the studies i will probably not play at all, and im not bringing my computer in the first run. Because i chose not to, i will also step down from being an admin due to close to no activity. i will join whenever im home, but it will be a weekend etc.


Id like to thank everyone for all the fun times and i hope to see all of u at later times


Ill be here for like 2 more weeks ish.




From Stoobz

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This makes me cry inside thanks for the awesome year wished it was longer but it wasn't. Glad to be your friend and ill always be here for you bro just always know that. Good luck at your studies and have fun. Hope to see you later in the early future.

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