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  2. Hopefully this will offer a fresh perspective on this - I haven’t been around for quite some time so I’ll try to keep this part as objective as possible. No matter how a recognition rank is designed, there will always be subjectivity involved. LG, HG, Veteran, you name it. RS was an exception to this, but it allowed some people to slip through the cracks who were not deserving of such a rank hence why this system needs subjectivity. The problem I'm gathering that a lot of the public has, is that the line between Legends and Veterans seems to be fairly thin – there are multiple people within both the ranks that could be argued should be in the other, along with a tier that is clearly above the rest, mainly consisting of former POs, VPs, and long-term BDs (not arguing any personnel choices one way or another, just stating that it is a thought that some people have. A distinction similar to this was previously made with the Presidential award). This, in addition to one of the ranks being so far raised above the other (one having both admin and CA privileges, while the other does not have anything additional), is giving some people the sense of unfair treatment, hence it being perceived more as a demotion, despite this not being the intention. For the issue that was mentioned with Veterans no longer having admin power, I do understand how a lot of them feel. For the past probably 8+ years, it’s been pretty much a given that if you put in enough time, work, and represent yourself professionally, you could earn the LG rank, which many people saw as recognition in the form of admin for life. I can’t speak for how it is right now, but back when I was active, we had a number of LGs who frequented the servers, and still contributed on the forums, TS, meeting, etc, and were held in a higher regard than typical SAs. This respect and recognition through the LG rank to long time admins/former staff is one of the many things that I always found made SG unique. All of them earned that rank either through their contributions or long term dedication. I picture that many of the current ATs (given the amount of them who thanked posts in the initial announcement thread) and others who are currently contributing feel the same way, in that earning LG powers and status were one of the many things they would be able to work towards here. Of course, having the combination of Legends, Veteran, and HG ranks today does not change the fact that people earn a certain level of recognition, but that the perception of the system as a whole is changed due to the differences between the ranks. I’m not saying one side is objectively right over the other, but simply that the Board and former LGs who feel strongly about this topic’s perception of the ranks and the changes made are very very different. It’s clear that many of those LGs felt that their spot in the community was a given, not something that would be likely to change after all these years, and having so done to them out of the blue makes them feel hurt. It’s something that was seen as never likely to have been changed – if anything, it would be people within the rank that would be more likely to be moved (whether to a higher level of recognition, as seen in the past with the Presidential award, and now with Legends, or demoted to HG/reg), rather than the rank itself being completely redone. My personal opinions lies with the older school of thought here – I didn’t see a need to change the level of access that LGs had. There was a clear line between LG and HG, even if the LG rank did consist of a pretty mixed group of people, but for the most part, it was fair. I remember a discussion we had a few years back whether to give the entire LG rank CA privileges, under the presumption that they had earned that privilege as people whose voice would be listened to in community decisions. Obviously that suggestion never went through, and I’m sure that the rank today is structured differently than it was all those years back, but I think the idea behind it still stands, shown by the decision for current Legends having access to CA matters. There is merit to the idea of Legends being able to provide input on CA matters (it's basically what @Vick was born for), just how I find there to be merit in letting Veterans participate in admin activities and have that power, whether they actively use it or not. The community could be going in the complete opposite direction than what I laid out in the above paragraph, and that is perfectly fine – neither myself nor many current/former LGs are in a position to make that decision otherwise – but I do think that this general feeling is still shared by quite a lot of people who are still invested in the community one way or another, and is definitely worth having this discussion about.
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