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Steam-Gamers Montage Video

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After many days of gathering footage, trying to use Sony Vegas Pro and figuring out how this and that works, a couple of raged moments, and many sleepless hours of pure editing, I present to everyone this somewhat funny montage of my time playing some of the S-G servers. I hope you guys enjoy this video! :)


Also some honorable mentions, thanks to @Suri for allowing me to kill her multiple times on TTT :love:. @SL4DE for his remarkable dancing skills :heh:. @Euro for just being her loli weird self :crazy:. @Jazz for being one of the brave people to face against the 67thway cars head on :larry:. @Vick for being a dick (jk) :troll:. Thanks to @Post for making me a nice custom thumbnail for the video :thumb:. And everyone else that was in the video too :banana:.


Now excuse me while I go watch some anime or something :lenny:

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Bad music choice tho (especially that Toy Story song)

and GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN!!!! :kappa:


Nice vid, really like it


In memory of Jazz and other innocents.

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