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  1. Swaggggggggggbbbbbbooooooooxxxxxxxx

  2. Time to make some drangon scrambled eggs
  3. Happy birthday!

  4. yo get me on the list SwagboxD no rank, lvl 15 no captain
  5. profile so dead Nick! was 1 of 10 last viewers :smile1:

  6. @nesquik, @Ned, @WavY and @MaR 1 you guys wana battle it out?
  7. imagine leaving a scrim game because dominic was in a 1v3 situation but the other team lets him win

  8. Q Wall E Stairs X Floor (dont use the piramid) w move forward s move backwards d move to the right a move to the left
  9. we have somthing simular in MG server (idk if we still do) but making a server is not worth it just because battle royal is popular. (atleast i dont think)
  10. i like both games but if i had to chose i have to say PUBG its way harder then Fortnite. I dont find wining that satisfying in Fortnite then in PUBG. But i like fortnite. I still play it from time to time but i still recommend to try the game if you havent already. I would disagree whit the graphics statement on Fortnite I would say its good and its F2P. the fighting mechanics in Fortnite is rly good. PUBG has good fighting mechanics as well. But it has alot of glitches that they still need to work on. also if someone wants to duo/squad up, on bouth games I would like to join you. (dosent matter if your good or bad)
  11. i know 2 that i can speak fluently: Slovenian Bosnian and a tiny bit of Croatian