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  1. Swaggggggggggbbbbbbooooooooxxxxxxxx

  2. Time to make some drangon scrambled eggs
  3. Happy birthday!

  4. yo get me on the list SwagboxD no rank, lvl 15 no captain
  5. profile so dead Nick! was 1 of 10 last viewers :smile1:

  6. @nesquik, @Ned, @WavY and @MaR 1 you guys wana battle it out?
  7. imagine leaving a scrim game because dominic was in a 1v3 situation but the other team lets him win

  8. Roudy

    Scrim Event Signup

    How about over stacking. Some people can do that and it will be unfair and it wodent be fun to play against. and can we have like a winning price at the end of it. Like first place wins 10k store credits or something.
  9. Roudy

    Scrim Event?

    Can we make it so its only normal maps not just some random ass maps?
  10. Roudy


    Well if you disabled FF thats going to be something deffrent then because of people pushing threw molly's. Surrender... just no. because people will try to surrender pretty quckly i think. i wouldent be happy if surrender was a thing or FF. almost forgot @Black Rain can you extend the end time like when the round has ended the round ends pretty quick for anybudy to pick up guns or nades so can you extend it.
  11. Happy Birthday :)

  12. If i get a penny every time i deal whit this hit reg i would be the next Bill Gates.
  13. oh god i love memes