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  1. kabLe

    Can everyone here that???...it's the sound of wavy blowing!! Whiff whiff whiff

  2. WavY

    Fun Fact: You blow!

  3. Maybe don’t make the draft on a Sunday midday smh.. I have never seen a draft go before 5 o clock until this year
  4. @Gatorgets my vote for being the one who permed Fuze
  5. im honestly surprised no one said overwatch.. that game is almost more toxic than dota
  6. Shit I didn’t see y’all moved Reid in for maniac
  7. both troll warlord#NA1
  8. Well I slept through the draft lol
  9. when you weren't able to get absolutely destroyed by @duffyand @Edmund 's open strats
  10. One hit wonder... been in the finals every year since this league started BUD
  11. wtf.... tired of paying out to me?
  12. i'm down to rejoin and im sure @idealistwould too
  13. I think he means that this has been in the works for 2+ years and it gets released in beta.. we're missing a lot of features that made the old forums feel like home. It feels as if this was procrastinated till the last minute where everyone just busted their ass to meet the deadline. Either way, the work is appreciated as I'm sure hours went into developing codes and themes but you just don't give someone an A for a half-ass project. Again just to reiterate, I APPRECIATE all the time and hard work that went into the forums but you can't just not feel disappointed from this long awaited upgrade to be released as a bare minimum functioning forum.