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  1. You can get paid in RS Gold if you work hard like bby Retro over here. But thanks for the TTT memes Retro and long live the hitreg
  2. Merry Christmas!! :bird:

  3. Merry Christmas!! :eagerllama:

  4. I'm down for the karma system like it was on gmod. I realize a buncha kids or whoever didn't play gmod TTT might take some time to get used to it, but I feel as if it'd bring the gameplay back to vanilla a little, and maybe we'd actually have interesting standoffs, instead of an innocent going "fuck it" and trying to kill everyone xd Not down for a manual set karma by admins or players tho, that really doesn't make sense to me. Also, Retro plz I'll trade you Christmas Crackers or RS gold
  5. The fact is that it's not written quite like its an anime. You've written it as more of an action-fantasy kind of piece than anything else. There's literally an anime for everything so don't lecture the weeblord on his own weeb contest lmfao Like I know mine's is borderline-not-really anime so I plan to edit that but yours doesn't even seem close
  6. @Halo hi there Percy Jackson, didn't know this was anime
  7. Def consider it for the detectives, you can drop it (i think?) and it's a lot more useful than a cumbersome health station, although those have the added benefit of a lot of healing and the ability to heal multiple people at once. The addition would def help the detectives out and it'd change up the game-play a fair bit.
  8. Since I seem to lack the ability to write about weebs and waifus, I'll just throw down this 15 minute story here under the anime category. Just a heads up, its not really the story y'all are probably expecting. Aragane Station
  9. Oh shit waddup its dat boi who started old school runescape xd

  10. u a haxer xD jk <3 eleleleleleleleel

  11. Unless you start calling out you're gonna drop it; you're KOS the second it leaves the holster. However, most CTS aren't assholes and if its a gunplant and he has auto-switch on, give him a chance to drop it. If it is aimed at a CT and he claims he's going to drop it, it can still be misinterpreted.
  12. As Dominic said, please stop making useless posts in these sections; all your posts so far hardly make sense and they're basically considered spam. So to quote you "LIKE WTF, plz fix". If you've got meaningful criticism, questions, or suggestions, then by all means, otherwise keep in the meme machine.
  13. MyHobos


    That's.. not really abusing. If anything, it makes sure you keep a distance from them incase you decide to pull anything funny or blow yourself up. Before it was freeze, but since the afk freeze rule was clarified, its used more frequently to prevent a T from knifing or blocking while knifing and saying that the CT is baiting. TL;DR: Don't see how this is abuse at all.
  14. MyHobos

    PB server lag

    Been experiencing it for the past week, possibly longer, not sure I remember that far back accurately.