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The new health upgrade

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Can you get rid of the extra 10 health the ct get? I can't 1 hit with an awp anymore :(.

And I can't 1 tap with the ak anymore :(.








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T's have and will always have an advantage over the CT's. Think we need more time for the 10 health update for people to get used to it, and I believe that could make people realize how it actually helps the Jailbreak. Aim for the head

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Haven’t played with the new plugin yet but I can imagine that it can’t change the game mode that much. Yeah 2 shots might be required instead of 1, but T’s win 95% of the time and it might be nice for CTs to start winning. We’ll see how it plays out in the future and it may be changed back to 100, but for now 110 gives a better chance for CTs to win...

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Sometimes ratio is fucked for the ct's maybe even for the t's, but the t's will always find a way to beat the ct's. The 10 health change will finally make it easier for the ct's as it's not an easy task. Not only do you get 0 points, you have to do the dirty mans work and kill any pesky t's not doing what they're supposed to be doing. It's more a weight off someone's shoulder if you know what I mean.

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after being experimented on by @Dominic it was decided that

a) one cannot survive an awp chest shot or ak headshot

note: this may depend on range, but it was short-medium range when we tested


b) you guys normally don't hit headshots anyway so we're gucci


why does it matter if CT's can survive an awp shot to the chest or an ak shot to the head? hit him again

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We decided to lower the CT health from 110 to 105 as mentioned here. If you have any further feedback on the subject, I strongly encourage that you post it in this thread. We would like to keep everyone's opinion in one place as much as possible.


Marking this appropriately.

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