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Posting GIF pictures?

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How do I use this [.IMG]link[./IMG]? John?




Is this what you wanted? Code would need to be (without periods) [.img]image link with .png or .gif[./img] I'm pretty sure this is how it works.


Best route I would take is to get a gif you want, upload it to imgur and get click on "get share links" and copy and past the BB Code.

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Short answer: The same way you preview all other images, not via the forums built in image viewer thingy that activates if you choose the "Retrieve remote file and reference locally" option when you insert an image. That's what screwed up your GIF.


Long answer: You need a direct link to the GIF you want. Either find the GIF online, or upload the file to some hosting site.

Anyways, you need a link that shows the filename.

Like this: https://i.imgur.com/i2FrqcR.gif - "i2FrqcR.gif" is the filename.


Then you need to paste that link inbetween BB codes for image previews.

It should look like this: pylWOz2.png


And that will end up previewing the image in your post.




You can also use the Insert Image function. This will put the image preview codes in for you.



Just remember to un-check "Retrieve remote file and reference locally".

It's checked by default, and it's honestly the only issue you ran into.


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@WriteX use the bbcode noparse to stop the forums from actually executing the actually command :) (you're image works too, tho :p)


Aha, thanks. I tried using

 as that seems to cancel out BB codes on other forums, but it didn't work here. :p


EDIT: lol noparse screws up quotes

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