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Favoritism (Jailbreak)

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I'm not sure if favoritism is a word on jb but I've seen many scenarios kids just give freedays to their bestfriend and then the person with the freeday later on rebels ending the round due to favoritism, I know revoking the freeday is a thing but the kid that got their fd revoked and the ct friend will usually be toxic so most scenarios people don't bother at all. I'm just suggesting that giving freedays for favoritism or for their best friend should be against the rules

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If I'm not mistaken, it is against the rules. However, a FD can be given if the CT freekills the T the round before. I agree, it is very annoying and most times it ends in some CT's not hearing and killing the T or the T getting a couple kills and the entire T team rebels. I also agree that if you try to revoke it, the T and the CT who gave it explode in toxicity which is never good...

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Issuing freedays to friends is allowed as long as it is within reason. See here in the Rules for JB:


• CTs can use special orders, but cannot abuse them. Special orders can be overridden without counting as a conflicting order.


So indeed you can revoke the freeday and they cannot re-issue it, otherwise it'd be a conflicting order. Furthermore, freedays cannot be issued every round as it is considered abuse.

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