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  1. Chad

    Happy birthday Nick!

  2. can you draw funky kong?
  3. I'm Baller_nick, I'll try to get them to register
  4. Can you please whitelist me and my friends? @Bacon baller_nick BarryYourFriend notasoiboy Naggok Aberath UnbredBoat348
  5. I'm insane at the game, sorry fellas
  6. Knowing Better is a great politics, history, and culture channel I've been watching for years. I'd say he's significantly informed my views on a number of issues. TWD98 for great Mario Kart Wii content
  7. Nick!

    New Forum Name

  8. Nick!

    Thank you :D

    You're welcome!
  9. Hello gamers! I was just wondering: what's your favorite easy to make snack for when you're stuck inside due to a dangerous disease? Mine is the Barbecue sauce and rice taco. Follow these simple steps -Take a tortilla -Put some rice on it -Drizzle some BBQ Sauce on there -Stick that baby in the microwave for 30 seconds -Enjoy! I'm interested to see what you guys like
  10. Nick!

    Best song of 2020

    Might get hate for this, but I love Pearl Jam's "Dance of the Clairvoyants"