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anyone else start cutting for the summer? i just jumped back on keto the other day, got up to about 206 during the winter (wasn't really trying to do much of anything tbh, i was out of the workout-game for a few months). I think now I'm going to drop to 185 minimum, and pooooooosibly lower, but we'll see

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I've been bulking for 18 months. Went from 163 to 235. Cutting down to 227 now. (6'6" so yea it can fit my frame). My "cut" started 1 week ago. But it isnt really a "cut". I care more about losing fat from the bulk than weight itself (out of the 72lbs gained about 20lbs of fat). But 227 is the lowest I am willing to go. I only say cut because I took juice out of my diet which brought it down from 3800 calories to 3200 calories.

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