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  1. No, she's 18 in the anime. I mean overall I don't really care. I'd pop in every once in a while to share a few (appropriate) pictures. Just sucks to see it go.
  2. "Hentai" [ATTACH=CONFIG]20276[/ATTACH]
  3. @Bubblez, but only because I feel like it's homophobic if I don't vote for him.
  4. More features for VIP and Sub would be nice. Are there any for discord?
  5. Some bloody and gory imagery in the video, so heads up there [video=youtube_share;NeQM1c-XCDc]
  6. That i don't really know, but I know many other discord servers are able to do it, because they have 18+ sections by verification only.
  7. One thing I've actually kinda wanted is a section that you verify with an admin to get access to, but it would be an 18+ section of the discord. Doesn't necessarily have to be porn, but the more vulgar memes would be posted there.
  8. I think I'll pass this year. I've been too busy to really focus on maintaining a team. The fairest thing is to let someone take my spot. Thanks for a fun two seasons though! Enjoy the season everyone!
  9. Greggy always seems to get a lot of recognition for his work here. Easy vote.
  10. Holy fuck this! Maturity is such a big part in appointing admins, yet look at a lot of the ban appeals. There's a good chance it's not being handled with much maturity by the admin. If the appeal lacks any effort, tell them it won't be looked at until they put effort in, but don't mock them. And don't get me wrong, I respect the admins and higher ups, but if you want maturity, be the positive example.
  11. I breast feed the rules every day, so I'm doing my share of taking care of them.
  12. I'll vote Inglorious Basterds, but I'll settle for porn as a backup