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Left 4 Dead 2 Event

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We will all join ts.steam-gamers.net in a custom channel and setup the lobby from there.



Tuesday April 30th at 5 pm EST



Left 4 Dead 2 is a zombie survival game where you have to objective of getting from point A to point B, there are 4 different parts to each map and at the last part there is a huge horde battle like a boss fight. We will be playing a game mode where there are 8 players and 4 play as the survivors and the other 4 play as special infected trying to kill the survivors and then after they lose or win they switch and who ever does better wins. There are the common infected which are pretty harmless but there are 8 Special infected with different abilities and spawn rates it is important how to identify and deal with each, teamwork is the most important part of this game if you cannot play with you team you WILL LOSE. If you want to make teams beforehand go ahead, your teamates are who you are going to be relying on so choose wisely.


Please fill out This form for maps and difficulty

Thanks to @Metal for the suggestion and myself for the banner.

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I finally get to kill people from SG as a Charger!

For those not familiar with Realism, it is the same as Normal except there are no outlines for fellow Survivors or Items and Witches 1-hit kill.


Witches are a 1 hit kill for regular on expert too.

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If we end up having more then 8 people join for the event will there be multiple channels made for different games? Seems like there is going to be an odd number of people going to join and not an even amount for each game like 16 or 24







Thanks to @Metal for the suggestion and myself for the banner.




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