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5v5 League tournament

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As said in the title, this will be a 5v5 league of legends tournament and players will sign up by posting their information down below. This Tournament will be NA only (sorry everyone else in the world)



This will be a 5v5 tournament on summoners rift and it's going to be in draft mode best of 1 (if we only have enough for 2 teams it will be a best of 3)


Requirements to sign up

-need a league account that is level 10+ (not required but would like to see people be level 10+ or at least somewhat knowledgeable about the game)


-needs to be your main account that you are signing up with (can not be someone else's account)


-must have Teamspeak and use Teamspeak during the match


What you need to post down below to let us know you want to sign up

-ingame name

-current league rank/level

-whether you want to be a captain(if no captains are picked i will randomly/hand pick them)


Captains will:

-get their team together to see what time would work for all of them and talk with the other team captain on when would be the optimal time to play against each other


-pick their players


-have the final say on what role everyone plays and what time they would be playing


-add all of their teammates and the other captain(s)


Reasons why you should sign up:

-have the honor of winning and the rights to brag that you are on the best league of legends team SG can offer

-to have a great time and chill with other league players






side note- if you sign up and you don't get a spot you will be put on the substitute list

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People who are signed up

@Rhyzhe - indebted

@Toasty - Willybonkers

@Ned - Smurfing123

@Raventi - Raventi

@nV -Miss Deceiving

@diryathing - diryathing

@Starlore - starlore

@Stingrqy - xXFlamiiXx

@Senpai - SeeMyNameAndEat


@Alex - Apøštle

@Paradox - yeeeeeeeeeeet

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lvl 122

rank: only played 4 placements estimated Gold III

gimme capt so i can choose which monkeys i want on my team

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