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  1. I play it to have fun and to meet people. It's also a great way to relieve stress from school or work or life in general. However games like CS get me into that competitive mood which ironically gives me stress.(Pls I need friends)
  2. Anyone see this AP minecraft test that someone made? This guy literally made it look like it was from The College Board with all the seals. I thought it was cool to find, but I'm waiting for some tryhard to actually take this test.
  3. I feel that we don't need an event for this, but we could just create a SG outfit so whoever wants to join it can join. It could be fun to have members from SG doing this kind of thing, but it just doesn't need to be an event.
  4. ING: Starlore Level:55 Prefer not to be captain.
  5. Pretty interesting videos you got here. Honestly all your videos have the right amount of content in it with enough memes. I think if you have some more footage, you can definitely make a montage of some sort or whatever you want, your choice. Otherwise, nice job.
  6. From what I have seen so far, there have not been any kinds of glitches like that after the update at least not like what I've seen on icecap.
  7. So this keeps happening on icecap.[ATTACH=CONFIG]18617[/ATTACH]
  8. Voodoo has had collision for a while now and I don't think it happens every time, but on icecap essentially all but one human was stuck in the ceiling above the final boat and when I saw someone joined after everyone has respawned for the next round, that person who join would get stuck and they would need to rejoin the server to fix it.
  9. So recently I've seen people stuck inside the map, where multiple people would be stacked together and be stuck in the ceiling where they would only see a black screen as if they were outside the map. /stuck doesn't fix the problem as it would attempt to unstuck the humans, but would not do anything or or would be walking around in the sky box. It also seems that the humans can't die even if the map would kill anyone who are left behind. It also seems that it would happen at the very start of the map.
  10. I actually have the worst luck thank very much.
  11. Why did you even buy so many games? I mean I'm grateful for it but why?
  12. How do I divide rep? Wait I got it. Oh wait it comes out as undefined.
  13. Starlore

    College Essay

    The big advice I can give to you, based on what I seen in articles, is to write something that seems very normal in your life or something that is not an achievement as it shows those colleges that you are not perfect and by going to those colleges, you can be molded by their way of teaching to be the best you.
  14. Starlore

    College Essay

    The question they are talking about are the ones that colleges have for applicants to answer. Usually these questions are about you or what you have done and it's suppose to be told in a story as it is about your life.
  15. Play something that's not the norm cause that'll just make you like everyone else and it gets really boring.