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  1. Favorite official map: cp_Gorge Favorite community map: jail_minecraft
  2. Looks pretty good overall. Only suggestion I have is including the insane accuracy of the negev as a perk for using it.
  3. A lot of these maps are ports from the css version (which explains the low graphics). The main issues of having someone here rework a map is: 1.making sure you don't break the map by changing some of the textures 2. Requires someone with map making knowledge 3. Getting the mapmaker's consent (etiquette reasons) Imo #1 and #3 is serious enough that you'd be better off making the map from scratch. You might also know that making a map takes a long time therefore it's not realistically possible unless the OG map maker reworks it themselves.
  4. Yeah, it's been too long. Don't worry! Expect more events to come! Anyways we'll be having a simple event full of shits and giggles with the last map being a map we haven't completed for any tryhards out there. WHEN May 27 @7PM EST WHERE Our own Zombie Escape Server IP: MAPS ze_mlgsurf_v1_2 ze_military_escape_p2 ze_crazykart_v3 ze_sandstorm_go_v1_3 REASONS TO ATTEND 3X Store Credits 2X Rank Points Pepe Model admin aboose /s
  5. diryathing 140 Silver 4
  6. Let me walk back to my dorm, I'm eating lunch.
  7. Thanks for voting in the poll. The maps decided on for tomorrow are the following: ze_l0v0l_a7_csgo4 ze_biohazard3_nemesis_b5 ze_s_a_m_v1_4
  8. Poll closes at 8:30pm Est today.
  9. I wanted to let you all know that we are having a fun-filled weekend this time for our Zombie Escape Events! Our first event scheduled for Friday is in honor of spongebob's 20th anniversary. On Saturday we will be celebrating the one and only Star Wars. For Sunday we have a celebration of victory, and as such shall attempt to claim them ourselves! Shoutouts to @ThRza and @Cept For Her for their help on this thread! WHEN Friday @ 8PM EST Maps zm_krusty_krab_a3 ze_titanic_escape_v2_3_p ze_dangerous_waters_v2_final Reasons to Attend 3x Store Credits 2x Rank Points Plankton model made by darnias WHEN Saturday @ 7PM EST Maps ze_death_star_escape_v4_3_p2 ze_starwars_v2fix_csgo3 Reasons to Attend 3x Store Credits 2x Rank Points Star Wars Models Evil Kermit Model WHEN Sunday @ 4PM EST Maps ze_l0v0l_a7_csgo4 ze_biohazard3_nemesis_b5 ze_s_a_m_v1_4 Reasons to Attend 2x-4x Store Credits (2 + number of maps completed, Max 4x) 2x Rank Points
  10. Heavy on finals for the next 2 weeks. But i believe this saturday night or next weekend can work with me