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SG Mario Maker Competition

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SG Mario Maker Competition


As many of you probably know, there is going to be a new Mario Maker game coming out this summer! So my idea is that we can have a contest to see who here at SG can make the best, most creative, and fun level. The competition would be pretty simple as that you just make the coolest stage you can possibly make, and selected judges or players that can judge/vote on each level, and may the best stage win!



If you have thoughts on the idea please share them :)

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Keep in mind, SMM2 does not support Online Co-op with friends...At the moment.

But I do like this idea as we can vote on the better maps.

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I was gonna say we could have two parts to this.



One part could be the vote for the best map and the second part could be who can beat that map in the fastest time.



Just an idea. No use making a map if nobody plays it, right?

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