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SG Movie Night

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Welcome back to movie night! Its been a while since one of these was hosted but I'm hoping to bring a good turnout to the event since its last appearance in February. Im looking to bring this event more to normalcy than it was becoming by watching a movie for enjoyment, possibly followed by more of a meme-type movie.


This first movie we will be watching is Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. After this movie is over, we will take public opinion to decide on a possible second movie to watch for the night. I hope to see you all there!



Saturday, July 6 @7:30PM EST



Teamspeak: ts.steam-gamers.net

Rabb.it: https://www.rabb.it/CeptForHer


Feel free to suggest movies for us to watch at the event. We will decide in teamspeak at the event on what we will watch. Please try to keep these movie suggestions appropriate for a Steam-Gamers Event. We will use these suggestions as possible candidates when deciding what to watch.


*Banner creds to @Clamor*

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Didn't we agree you'd be buying a ticket to John Wick 3 to stream for us?

I saw it and so this is the best John Wick movie I’ve seen yet.


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Thanks to everyone that came out!


Sorry for not playing shazam for those of you who wanted to watch it. I'll see about possibly putting it on in the next few days for anyone who would like to tune in


Ty for hosting it

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