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I just wanted to let it be known that the FO on the first round of a map not only allows the person with fo to talk. But also the other CTs. This sometimes causes confusion on which CT to listen to and just messes things up. I have yet to see this happen on any other rounds except for the first one. I’ll try to get a video of this occurring as soon as I can if needed.

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Plugin works great aside from the first round. I’m not 100% sure but I think it’s only the people that join CT after !fo is taken that can talk. It can be pretty annoying to try to give orders on the first round with fo because of this... not sure if the JB team knows about this @Manny @Dominic @eXtr3m3

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This happens when CTs take fo extremely early in the round like bozos from what I've seen


Not from what I've seen. First-round many things are bugged (Such as gloves, weapon skins, and knives). I just tell other CT's to respect the first order and they usually do.

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