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Rules Before LR's(Guntoss)

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Does the rule Rules before LR applies to gun toss. I've seen some Cts tell the T that he said rules after LR and tells that T to go first instead.

It’s just like any standard lr. So you would have to say rules before lr. If you’re also asking, “If I don’t say rules before lr, can the ct just keep walking until he beats me?”

No, there’s standard rules to each specific lr. (Except Rock Paper Scissors). For example during knife fight, another ct can’t gun you down because you hit the ct your lring with a knife, also going to medic is cheating. These rules also apply to shot for shot lr. For gun toss, the ct actually has to have the same advantage as the T. Meaning shooting the gun after it was dropped to give a longer distance is not allowed, knifing it further is not allowed, any sort of way to boost the gun after it has been thrown is cheating.


Gonna clarify here so far what I know is that knifing it in the air is allowed due to both ts and cts having a knife.

But not 100% sure.

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